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The Power of the OMEGA Moon Watch

There are few watch ranges as historic and impressive as OMEGA’s Speedmaster. This was the first watch to make it to the moon and this means that it is a remarkable story in terms of outstanding accomplishments – they have also been used in all six Lunar expeditions. The Speedmaster […]

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How to give Men’s fashion a facelift

Men’s fashion differs tremendously from women’s fashion, not just in style but in the cycle functionality. Female targeted fashion is known for having fast changing trends (even to the point that the certain “micro-trend” came about), such as Y2K and academia. There is something new for every season. Male targeted […]

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7 of the Best Fashion Tips for Men

Are you trying to step up your style of game? It’s important to dress well to attract the right kind of attention and respect. You can also use your sense of style to build an identity. Doing this can help you feel confident in anything you wear, letting you shine […]

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5 Tips on Dressing Like a Modern Day Gentleman

There are many reasons to dress like a modern day gentleman. Putting effort into your appearance shows that you care. Dressing with class can also make you stand out and enhance your reputation. While you will look fresh and clean, you will also have the confidence to achieve your goals. […]