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How to give Men’s fashion a facelift

Men’s fashion differs tremendously from women’s fashion, not just in style but in the cycle functionality. Female targeted fashion is known for having fast changing trends (even to the point that the certain “micro-trend” came about), such as Y2K and academia. There is something new for every season. Male targeted fashion, on the other hand, has a much slower cycle with minimal changes being made from season to season and less of a dependency on trends. So if men’s fashion is often simple and unchanging, how can men (and those who prefer men’s clothing) upgrade their look?

The answer is luxury fashion. This is a simple way to turn an average look into a high quality outfit. Even a basic t-shirt, jeans and sneakers combo can benefit from an uplift. Premium fabrics and designer labels are visible to the naked eye but it won’t just look better, it will also feel better.

Wrap up warm in the Winter months

With many brands skimping on good quality fabrics that are designed to create warmth yet keeping prices high, it’s time to look beyond highstreet brands and search for a luxury brand that is worth the price tag and delivers the vital function of Winter wear. If there’s any clothing item that is worth splashing the cash on, it’s coats, jackets and sweaters. An excellent choice for this is Canada Goose. Inspired by the Canadian polar cold, Canada Goose are experts in extreme weather conditions and are committed to using high-end materials. These pieces are designed to last a lifetime as opposed to being replaced each year (which consequently wastes both money and materials). Take a cold Winter hike with a pair of their Armstrong boots and an Emory parka that will protect you from as low as -25°C.

Choose your “vibe”

There is a wide variety of luxury fashion brands to choose from depending on your style and personality. For instance, Stone Island is a good choice for those of a younger age bracket with a more comfortable and casual approach to fashion. They deliver men’s sportswear with an innovative approach to textiles and fabrics. 

Opt for Burberry if you want to wear a brand that is recognisable from across the street due to their iconic Scottish-print. Alternatively, if you are a man of sophistication then Fendi may be the brand for you. What you choose to wear can reflect how the world perceives you.

It’s not just about clothing

But it’s not just about clothing when it comes to luxury fashion. It’s important to invest in high quality accessories to complete your look. Every man needs a good hard-wearing leather belt, such as the Bobbi Wagram belt. Keep it for life and match it to your shoes for a super put together look.

For men who want to really elevate their look and personal style, it’s worth finding some staple jewelry pieces. You could opt for a Maison Margiela ring or perhaps a Versace necklace. Each luxury piece is instantly recognisable and is an easy way to appear well dressed for those who might find styling themselves to be difficult.

Display an investment in your appearance

Not only will luxury fashion products have more longevity in your wardrobe, but it will become very clear to those around you that you are putting an admirable amount of time and thought into your appearance. It shows that you want to look presentable and (potentially) desirable to those you want to attract. You won’t settle for anything less than for what you deserve.

All of the brands mentioned can be found at, a site that is home to more than 300 luxury fashion and beauty brands.