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Your Most Burning Questions about Male Rompers, Answered

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to wear a male romper? Arguably one of today’s most controversial menswear trends, the media has praised and mocked men’s rompers through and through. They were originally only produced as ready-to-wear pieces by couture designers during fashion week, but now anyone can buy fashion-forward male rompers online. Differio, New York’s trendy men’s clothing store, even dedicates an entire menswear category to stylish male rompers in original designs. Love it or leave it, that’s up to you. One thing is for sure, men’s rompers leave a lasting impression that people can’t stop talking about.

If you’re on the fence about this one-piece trend, we tackled some of Google’s commonly searched questions about “rompers for men” so you can make your own sartorial decision. Here’s everything you need to know about the guy-romper revolution.

What are male rompers?

Male rompers are stylish adult onesies designed very much like men’s overalls and jumpsuits. In other words, it’s a top and bottom stitched together into one uniform garment (so no outfit matching required).

What’s the difference between men’s rompers and men’s jumpsuits?

It’s all about the pant length. You’ll still find them listed online under a wide umbrella of names (onesie, one-piece, overall, jumpsuit, bodysuit, etc.), but don’t let that confuse you. Rompers always have short pant legs; jumpsuits always have long pant legs. Sleeve length and neck style can still vary.

Are male rompers comfortable?

The short answer: yes, rompers are quite comfortable for everyday wear. However, choosing the right size is crucial for a comfortable fit.

If you’re buying a male romper online, your size might run slightly different than what you’d normally buy for shirts and pants. You should definitely consider the size of your torso, not just your chest and hips. If you have a wider or longer torso, it’s usually best to size up so you have more freedom around your shoulders and groin.

How do you put on a romper for men?

Most rompers have a zipper or button-down closure that runs from the neck to the waist (similar to shirts and jackets). You might find some male romper styles with an additional button and zipper fly, so going to the bathroom isn’t an issue. If there’s no front fastening, the fabric is probably stretchy enough without it, but always double check the material composition.

What do you wear under rompers for men?

It depends on the fit. For tight to slim-fit rompers, it’s best to avoid loose or long undergarments that’ll bunch up or peek out of your shorts. You can try wearing boxer briefs instead of boxer shorts, and body-fit undershirts instead of baggy undershirts.

How short should men’s rompers be?

Length is completely up to you. As long as the style is appropriate for the occasion, you should choose men’s romper shorts based on the length that makes you feel most comfortable.

What shoes go with rompers for men?

Rompers look great with both low-top or high-top shoes. Casual rompers can go with lace-up sandals, fashion sneakers, or combat boots, depending on the season. If you’re wearing a trendy romper for the nightlife scene, any sleek leather shoe will do the trick, such as wingtip oxfords and chelsea boots.

How do you accessorize rompers for men?

You can accessorize rompers for guys the same way you would with any other outfit based on individual color, style and occasion. Try experimenting with various hats, sunglasses, jewelry, and bags to elevate your outfit. Some male rompers might include belt loops around the waist so you can also work different belts into your look.

Can you wear a men’s romper to work?

As long as your company’s dress code approves of casual attire, you can definitely wear trendy rompers for men at the office, but tweaked with a few style tips to make it more business-casual friendly. Hey, if James Bond could wear a romper suit in the 60s, who says you can’t pull it off too?

We recommend choosing a solid, neutral-colored romper, instead of loud prints and vivid colors. Try finding a men’s romper for sale with a collared neck to emulate the look of a work shirt. You can pair work rompers with long cardigans or blazer jackets, designer leather belts (if belt loops are attached), and ankle-height dress shoes, such as chukka boots or slip-on loafers.

Can you wear a men’s romper to a wedding?

This is a tricky one. It would depend on the venue and how well you know the engaged couple. If they’re friends you see once in a blue moon, it’s best to stick with traditional wedding attire to avoid any awkward instances. If you know the wedding party would approve, try finding a men’s romper for sale crafted in suit-style material for that luxe appeal, such as plush velvet, rich tweed, or sateen cotton.