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The Desert

Many of you may be asking yourself – what in the heck is The Desert? Those of you in the bar industry already know, but most people know the desert as a scorching area with endless miles of sand; the sun beats down on you and there’s nothing to drink […]

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The Real Reason Why Men Cheat

Well let’s face it, the urge or opportunity rather, to cheat is everywhere you look. So what stops or starts you from cheating? I think the obvious answer to that would be that you are just not that satisfied in your current relationship, or even yourself. Maybe you are one […]

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Summer Essential Drink Guide

Is there a special lady you’d like to impress with your drink making skills? Are you and your buddies at a loss when it comes to taking something other than a straight shot? Do you like to host great parties with great drinks? If so, this guide is for you! […]

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The Relaxing Company – The New Style of Business

Among the millions laid off in the recent economic downturn of America, Matt Moody decided to make an impact and change the face of an entire market. Before The Relaxing Company came into fruition, there were no nationally distributed relaxation drinks on the market. Especially none like the ones they offer: […]

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5 Rules for Popping Your Tattoo Cherry

At the core of everyone lies a slice of life waiting to come out, the emerging butterfly we all have the opportunity to be. Upon exiting this cocoon, some feel the desire to change themselves in some way or another. Ever had the urge to make a huge personal statement? […]

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Shot of the Month: Bomb Pop Shot

Summertime is here and 4th of July is near! This means backyard barbecues, poolside drinks and bonfires at the beach. To help add that special touch to your 4th of July celebration and maybe even score extra points with the ladies, here’s a fun and delicious shot recipe. So channel […]

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Pulling Off the One Night Stand

Hello Boys!  Good to have you back!  This is gonna be a good one, so grab yourself a beverage and get comfortable.  I am gonna open up a whole new world of one night stands for you. Lets get started with your first do for a one night’er, how do […]