Why Hot Girls Get to the Front of the Line in Vegas

You’ve all seen it – The hot girl getting pulled out of line, while you and your buddies remain unmoved directly behind the velvet ropes – the Mecca directly in front of you, so close, yet so far away.

Cut to an hour and a half later. You are still there. Why you wonder?

Let me redirect your attention to what has been unfolding before you. (I know it’s hard to pay attention when scantily dressed beautiful girls have been parading before you). Did you notice the well-dressed men talking to the bouncers? The bouncers, going from their phone, to list, phone to list and then them getting in? Who are they?

Well, in most cases somebody with money, a nobody really. But a somebody willing to drop a Benjamin to get to the front of the line and wait for a short time before entering the club.

The secret is money. In order to make your way into the club in the foreseeable future, you require money. Money = entry. Hot girls = men willing to pay to get in. These girls are the club’s advertisement – why they don’t have to wait and you do. Clever isn’t it.