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The Real Reason Why Men Cheat

Well let’s face it, the urge or opportunity rather, to cheat is everywhere you look. So what stops or starts you from cheating?

I think the obvious answer to that would be that you are just not that satisfied in your current relationship, or even yourself. Maybe you are one of those guys that want a new piece of ass regardless of the repercussions. Either way, something is missing.

We all have the opportunity, guys and girls alike, but I think what really makes the idea or action of cheating intriguing is the chase. Everyone wants to feel attractive. And, everyone wants to attract the opposite sex. So, when you have a person that aggressively pursues you, constantly catering to you, it makes the idea more appealing and the consequence of the risk a little less nagging than it should be.

Before doing something you can never take back I think it is important to consider the consequences, worst case scenario, if you do get caught. Are you willing to risk what you have, or could have?

If the answer is yes, then I don’t think you are that serious with your current mate in the first place. If the answer is no, think before you do something you can’t take back. The whole, “baby, I promise I will never do it again,” might work initially, but let me tell you, you will pay. There will not be a moment that she won’t wonder, when you’re out with the guys, if you are really out with another girl. Or, what if you do not answer your phone? Her first thought … You’re cheating.

You will get grilled. She will not let it go, and the connection will likely never get better, ultimately resulting in the demise of your relationship.

Remember cheating never equals trusting. Complicate your life less and end it if you are unhappy because from a woman’s perceptive, “once a cheater, always cheater,” will ring true time and time again. And further, if you are the one she is cheating with… be prepared to have it happen to you. Never think you will be the one that is different, you aren’t and it’s only a matter of time before karma comes and gives you a swift kick in the ass.

One last item or piece of advice, if you do end a “side” thing in favor of walking the straight path, I urge you … do NOT come clean to either of the girls. Everyone has that little feeling of guilt that tugs at you wanting to make the situation right. Trust me when I say, “What your partner doesn’t know, won’t hurt them!” Deny, deny, deny.