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Is She Faking it?

Several of my male friends have asked me how to tell if their girl is faking the big “O.” The concern is that too much noise means she is faking her orgasm. I can assure you that making a lot of noise is not always an indication of a faked orgasm. Some of us, myself included, are very loud in the bedroom. We’ve all faked it, sorry boys, but that’s just the reality of the matter!

I have found that the only way to tell if a woman is being truthful in her displays of pleasure is by the fluttering of her abdomen. Without being too clinical about it, when a woman is experiencing an orgasm it is her muscles in that area contracting. This creates the orgasm as well as the flutter. This CANNOT be faked! Well, at least I have never been able to pull this off. Ladies?

Some women have attempted to fake the flutter by writhing at your touch. This CAN be faked, quite easily in fact. So in answer to the question, being loud can be a clue but hardly a definite indication. Watch for the flutter and squirm. It feels FANTASTIC!!

Keep coming back.

Kisses, Francesca