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How to Pick Up the Bartender

Approaching a bartender can be difficult, believe it or not guys it’s feasible. Most female bartenders are confident, sarcastic, no BS girls. It’s important to understand the type of girl you’re dealing with before attempting to hit on her. Unfortunately as bartenders, we’ve seen many of you overly intoxicated, doing things that would horrify you, if you could remember. Those of you who don’t succumb to the drunken antics of your fellow dudes, we apologize but you’ve already been grouped together by default.

If you think a bartender is hot, cute or maybe just intriguing and you’re interested in taking her out here are a few pointers:

Become one of her regulars
The best thing to do is become one of her regulars. A good bartender should remember your usual drink order, try to take your order first and might be able to provide an occasional drink on the house. Try introducing yourself and get the bartender’s name. On the next visit, greet her by name and try to initiate a casual conversation – keep it simple. Once you feel comfortable, go for it. One of the most important pieces to this puzzle is making sure you’re sober when you finally ask her out.

Maintain a friendly relationship
Establishing a friendly relationship is a good way to make her comfortable and remove you from the “just another drunk guy” category. Make sure to avoid cheesy pick up lines, because no girl really falls for that crap. Ask her if she’d like to grab some coffee or even frozen yogurt sometime. Maybe your buddy is having a BBQ, ask if she’d like to come hang out. The key is to get her out of the work environment and somewhere you can get to know each other. This doesn’t mean a candle lit dinner for two or a date to the movies.

Good luck, I’d love to hear about any success or even crash and burn stories.