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It’s Not About The Nail

Ok guys…we’ve all been there. We try to FIX a woman’s problem when all they really want us to do is just LISTEN! I don’t get it? You don’t get it? But this quick video helps explains it clearly. NOW I GET It…and It defies LOGIC, which explains why we […]

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Women That You Should Avoid

I’ll begin by reminding everyone that there are exceptions to every rule, nothing is black and white and that no one is perfect. With that said, I’ve dated a lot of different women and am only trying to give my fellow males something to think about when choosing who to […]

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Be a Man

I’m All For Progress, But Some Things Should Just Stay The Same I think the best advice for men sometimes comes from women. I mean, they are the ones we are dating, right? So in my last article, “Guys Talk, Women Walk,” I went over how women perceive guys talking […]

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Guys Talk, Women Walk

We’ve all heard guys talk. The problem, however, arises when women hear them talk. When will men learn that talk is cheap? One of my female friends recently complained to me about how men talk about women and sex. It occurred to me that she was right, it’s annoying. Guys, […]