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Men’s Guide to Wedding Rings for Women

Women’s wedding rings come in gold, platinum, palladium, silver, tungsten, titanium, cobalt and other materials. Choosing the correct one involves knowing the personality, size and preferences of the person you are purchasing it for. Buying a wedding ring for your sweetheart can be a lot of work, especially if she’s not there to help with the details, but with a little foreknowledge, you should be able to do just fine. Here are a few tips to help you with your purchasing.

Choosing the Appropriate Ring Size

First and foremost, it is essential that you purchase the correct ring size. Women’s wedding rings are sized using the same method as men’s wedding bands, but this won’t help if you don’t know her size. You can either ask her what size she wears, which can make her suspicious; or check a ring that she already has, to see if it has the size listed, or take a ring she has to a jeweler for sizing.  Another, less subtle, method is to measure her ring finger and compare it to a chart. If you want to explain why, just tell her you’re buying her gloves.

Wedding Band Materials & Possible Allergies

Some girls are allergic to some of the metals in wedding bands for women. Usually this is because of a nickel allergy, which is present in about 1 in 5 women. To find out if she is allergic to nickel, you can either ask about any allergies, or check her earrings. If she has steel earrings, she is probably allergic to nickel. There are plenty of wedding bands for women that are made of non-allergic or hypo-allergenic materials such as platinum, palladium, titanium, platinum, ceramic, and tungsten.


Matching Colors to her Skin Tone

Many women like to match colors to their skin. A great idea is to take a look at her jewelry. If most of it is silver, then you should probably choose a silver ring, or if most of it is gold, then choose a gold one. Wedding bands for women come in a variety of colors, so you should easily be able to choose something that matches her skin tone. Remember that pale skin looks better with pale colors and darker skin looks better with gold.

A Traditional Ring vs. A Unique One

Wedding bands for women include everything from retro or antique-style wedding ring, to the very modern. As you probably know, choosing one should be based on her preference, and what she is likely to find appealing. Traditional wedding bands for women include everything from simple gold bands to diamond-encrusted white gold, but will usually feature a few stones and some decoration. More modern wedding bands for women are often feature unique decorations or patterns, engravings and even non-traditional materials such as wood etc.

When choosing wedding bands for women, keep in mind the girl you’re purchasing for. Is she a free spirit who likes to be unique? If so, choose something unique. On the other hand if she’s a sweetheart, ‘motherly’ type, go for something a little more traditional.

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Dan Globus is passionate about wedding rings and it is this passion that ultimately led him to head up his online venture where there are many different choices in women’s wedding rings. His twenty years of working for companies in the bridal end of the jewelry industry has served his well to educate him on what men and women like. With his experience with gold and platinum bands, he has taken these fantastic designs and offered these in today’s alternative metals including titanium, cobalt and tungsten. These newer metals make wedding rings much more affordable for young couples.