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How To Choose Jewelry For Your Girlfriend or Wife With Gemologist Linda Rocco Of Hot Rock Jewelry

Billions of years ago, when God’s spirit moved over the Earth, the highest expression of his love, at that time, was the creation of gemstones. When I look at gemstones, I instinctively feel that profound expression of his love for us through these marvelous and rare gifts of nature. To me, it was an absolute miracle in bringing together the correct nutrient mixture, eons of time, and the immense forces of nature required to create these treasures naturally within the earth! I love all kinds of jewelry, from pearls to platinum. 

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I started making jewelry as a young girl, adding feathers, shells, and beads to gorgeous macrame’ cording. I studied art and jewelry design in Houston at the Glassell School of Art at the Museum of Fine Art. My sense of humor, adventurous spirit, and strong intuition produce fashionable, bold, and sometimes whimsical pieces of jewelry. Because of my gemological training, I’m always looking for unusual, fine gemstones with unique cuts or settings, making them perfect for honoring the art of gift giving. 

How To Choose Jewelry For Your Girlfriend or Wife

Guys – sometimes you just don’t know what gift to get for your special lady, but that doesn’t mean jewelry should be a fail safe or a back up plan. It should be an expression of your love and appreciation of the wondrous woman in your life. I can help you to explore her jewelry box and determine what the missing pieces are, in order to complete her jewelry wardrobe. She’ll love you for this incredible gift as you will be giving her something thoughtful, meaningful, and memorable, as she will understand immediately the time and care you have put into your gift. 

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Design Consultations are available to assist you in finding the right style of jewelry to compliment her face shape, body shape, hair and eye color, and lifestyle needs. Not every style of jewelry is appropriate for each face or body shape. If she is very petite for example, and has very small facial features, then small delicate jewelry is very complimentary to her. If she has a larger face and body, small delicate jewelry is not appropriate. Instead, we can help you make the right choices to compliment your incredible woman, so that she feels beautiful and cherished.

About Hot Rock Jewelry

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Hot Rock Jewelry was created in 2007 by Linda Rocco to display her passion for one of a kind custom jewelry. Featuring rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pins, and cufflinks for both women and men, you are sure to find a unique piece. While her favorite materials are pearls, rubies, paraiba tourmaline, and 22K gold, she also loves beads, especially those with unique cuts and faceting to add extra sparkle. Each Hot Rock Jewelry piece is different and Rocco understands how certain gems, sizes, and designs compliment one’s individual features- so personalized pieces are available upon consultation. She also utilizes CAD software, which allows designers to create intricate designs with details that the human hand cannot do. Hot Rock Jewelry keeps up with current trends so there are pieces to wear with today’s fashions, but also offers more Timeless Classics like bold gold necklaces and pearls.

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