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A Guy’s Guide To The Big Day

Historically speaking, men and the idea of a big wedding are like oil and water, they just don’t mix. Sure, in the past, this has been the case, but in the past few years men have taken a fairly active role in preparing for the Big Day, from the engagement to the wedding. If you plan on going down this journey anytime soon, you may want to consider how to help plan your wedding along with your partner. To help you, here’s a guy’s guide to planning a wedding.


The entire process begins after the engagement. Remember, you want to make this as memorable as possible since you’re the one taking the initiative and asking your partner to spend the rest of her life with you. Be sure to find a breathtaking ring. Keep in mind that most engagement ring deals can be found without ever even entering a store. Search for princess cut, pink, yellow or black diamond rings online before you wear yourself out trudging around town. Or at least educate yourself online first. Remember the whole Internet thing? Use it.

After your partner agrees, the planning begins….


In previous generations, the groom didn’t really need a guide to plan a wedding, but now men everywhere are finding it important to have a say in the festivities since it’s also their big day. It’s common knowledge that decisions between you and your fiancee are divided into 80 and 20 percent, you getting the latter. Why? Do you really want to pick flower arrangements, dresses and tablecloths? Probably not. Guys are usually left with getting equal say in things like the guest list, entertainment, the date and the venue. You’re the money saver, so sometimes if something is unreasonably priced, you may have to decline. A few things that can really rev up your wedding bill are the venue and the entertainment. The venue has to be special, of course, but at times the date that you choose can affect its pricing. If you don’t want to to pay as much but you still want the venue, you may want to consider changing the date. If you don’t want to change it, consider another venue.

Entertainment can be a doozy, especially if you and your partner have different tastes in musical genres. Though you may be looking at bands, you may also want to consider DJs. DJs can basically play whatever genre you want at your wedding, from hip hop to rock. DJs are also generally cheaper than bands, so it’s a win-win. Make sure to have a “do not play list”. Another big decision that you’ll have to make is choosing your groomsmen and best man. You’ll want to pack the line up with your best buds and maybe some of your fiancee’s male family members (brothers if any). And yes, even groomsmen need special gifts to remember the occasion, so get them something simple and useful. Veer away from cliches like shot glasses and flasks. The Registry is also something you’ll want to have a say in. Remember to think outside of the usual Macy’s and Pottery Barn catalog. Target (yes, they have game systems) and are also popular options for registries.

You have to look great in your wedding, so remember to find a good tailor for you and your groomsmen. Many guys tend to exercise and diet like crazy before the big day, and it’s not a bad idea. You want to look good, not only in pictures but for your fiancee. Plus, you’re going to need to fit into your tuxedo, so if you plan on losing those extra pounds, it’s best to start a week after the engagement. One of the last things you’ll need to plan is your honeymoon. Planning your honeymoon is simple and straightforward; no formalities are needed. Pick a destination that both you and your fiancee agree on and book in advance. Make sure you plan a memorable one.

The Wedding

If you and your fiancee planned accordingly, there’s really nothing to do on your wedding day but enjoy the festivities, your company and each other. After all, it’s the start of your new life together. By following these easy guidelines, you’ll be able to add a good 20 of planned effort for your wedding day. A little guidance isn’t bad, notably when it’s for one of the most important days of your life.