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When Should You Begin Using Anti-Aging Products?

You may think it is too early or too late to begin using an anti-aging product.  You’re wrong.  Anytime is the right time to begin using an anti-aging product, because anti-aging products don’t just include wrinkle creams.

Anti-aging products you should always be using

  • SPF:  I am always preaching about sunscreen, and this article is no exception.  Although it should not be your biggest sun-damage concern, damage from sunburns do make you age rapidly.  Make sure you are using at least 15 SPF (or higher depending on your skin tone- the lighter your skin, the higher the SPF you should be using) if you will be outside for two hours or more.  Reapply as necessary. See: The 5 Best Sunblocks For Men.
  • Multi-vitamins:  You need to get the proper nutrients every day in order to fight aging, keep healthy and live long.  You can get your vitamins and minerals from having the proper amount of fruit and veggies every day (four servings of fruit and five servings of vegetables) or from taking a multi-vitamin once a day.  The first of these two methods is, of course, the most recommended, but either way is fine.
  • Toner:  A good skin care regimen is essential to fight aging.  You should be using a moisturizer, cream and toner each day, but a toner is absolutely essential to remove dirt and oil from your face. See: What’s a Toner and Why Do You Need One?

Anti-aging products to consider later

Once the effects of aging begin to appear, you may want to consider some of these items.

  • Wrinkle Cream:  These creams cannot make wrinkles go away or fade completely, but they will make the skin appear softer and more sinuous.  This will reduce the appearance of any wrinkles you may already have. Product to try:  Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Anti-Wrinkle Cream
  • Eye Cream:  An anti-aging eye cream will target wrinkles and lighten skin around the eye area. Product to try:  Anthony Sport for Men Eye Cream
  • Balding or spot treatment:  Like the wrinkle cream, balding products will not usually stop the effects of balding completely, but they can slow down the process.