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The Best 5 Sunblocks for Men

Finding the best sunblocks for men with all of the UVA/UVB, SPF ratings out there, can be an overwhelming task with so many products and claims for the title: “Ultimate Skin Protection”. To help make that choice a little easier, and save your skin from the burn, here are a few helpful tips.

For starters, sunblock and Sunscreen vary in textures that are important for guys who don’t normally apply moisturizers. Sun block is much thicker in texture but will block more UVA/UVB rays and usually contains Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide to help boost the effect without having to reapply several times a day. Sunscreen is a smoother, sheer texture that works well as part of a daily regimen, but may wear off and leave you exposed if you lead a more active lifestyle.

There are many schools of thought on how often you need to reapply Sun Protection when out in the sun. The golden rule is to apply a coat during the strongest hours of the sun between noon and 3pm, and if you are going to be outside, applying twice during those peak hours is recommended. It’s important to apply thoroughly but not too generously as most sun products penetrate immediately. There is no need to slather loads of Sun Protection, it’s best to re-apply rather than apply too much.

Here are the best 5 sunblocks for men:

1. BullFrog Marathon Mist Continuous Spray SPF 50

Bullfrog has been long regarded as the leader in sunblock and sun care protection. World-class surfers have given it the title of ‘amphibious wonder’.  This stuff is like the superglue of sunblock; it stays on you through anything. They also share a few useful sun protection tips on their website. $9.49

2. Jack Black Sun Guard Oil-Free Very Water/Sweat Resistant Sunscreen SPF 30

Who’s to say that sunblock is just for the outdoorsy type.  Jack Black sunscreen formulas are oil-free and so moisturizing that it can be used on the face, scalp, or body with no stickiness or greasiness. The Jack Black line is for men who are active, yet product conscious but without the high maintenance fuss. $16.00

3. La Roche-Posay Anthelios 40 Suncreen

Breakout the pocket book for this sunscreen as it said to be number one for everybody who is serious about sunscreen. It has garnered the attention from its concise clinical study proving it’s specially formulated ingredients Mexoryl, helps to protect the skin from wrinkle-causing UVA rays. (Most sunscreens only protect against UVB rays) stability, broad-spectrum protection, noncomedogenic that won’t clog pores.  It’s $32.00

4. Neutrogena Spectrum; Advanced Sunblock Lotion SPF 55

Sometimes men find it easier to just walk into a drugstore and search for their sun block of choice. In doing so, Neutrogena Spectrum Advance Sunblock Lotion has a SPF 55 and is a good choice to be had. Its ultra sheer lightweight formula protects against the major causes of sun with its comprehensive approach from the full intensity of the sun in a lightweight consistency. Retails $8.75

5. Banana Boat Ultra Defense Broad Spectrum Sunscreen, SPF 100

This one is pretty popular, a household name and still charts as a main contender to the vast growing field of sunblock products on the market. It has a sweat and water resistant formula that allows you to stay protected throughout the day. Banana Boats Ultra Defense boasts the highest protection, a SPF of 100.  Retails $10.99

Regardless of which you choose, it’s good to be prepared no matter what kind of approach you utilize in your daily sun care regimen. The added sun protection will give your outdoor lifestyle an extra bit of relief and a lot more fun, in knowing that you have made an informed decision in protecting “the skin your in.”