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What’s a Toner and Why Do You Need One?

Facial “toners” are often referenced when discussing grooming, but they are never really fully described.  What exactly are they?  And why should you get one?

The answer to the first question is a lot simpler than you might think.  All we mean when we mention a facial “toner” is a face wash or lotion that is specifically designed to cleanse the skin and shrink your pores.

Why do you need one?  Let us count the ways

  1. It balances. Using a toner every day will balance out the pH levels in your skin.  This may not sound important, but it’s a lot more significant than you might think.  Constantly dealing with acne?  Your pH is off.  If you have severely dry skin, it is not quite as imperative to use a toner every day (it could possibly make your skin dryer if the right product is not selected), but you should still do it.  There are plenty of other reasons to use a toner, and there are toners specifically made for those with dry skin.
  2. It shrinks (your pores that is).  One of the main purposes of using a toner daily is to shrink your pores.  It will also remove dirt and oil from your face.
  3. It protects.   By closing up the pores and clearing away excess oil and dirt from your face, toners prevent the entrance of any harmful oils into your pores.  Toners are also known for removing harmful chemicals and chlorines present in common tap water.
  4. It prevents.  Toners often prevent chemicals that aid in the prevention of ingrown hairs, such as glycolic acid.

How to use a toner

After washing your face, apply a small amount of toner to a cleansing pad or cotton ball. Some toners also come in the form of a wipe or pad with the toner already infused.  Wipe the toner on your face in small circles, paying special attention to the T-zone (the forehead, nose and chin).  Repeat the process until there is no dirt left on the pad or cotton ball.  Make sure to end your face-washing routine with a moisturizer.

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