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The Best Timepieces for Men

Spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch, four things every man should own, and never leave the house without. It’s a well-known rite of passage. Yet, in a world where all phones are connected at all times, the concept of keeping track of where you are might feel outdated but isn’t that the joy? Owning and wearing something that brings nothing but pleasure to the owner. Having something that is distinguishing as it is masculine.

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Leonardo DiCaprio sporting Tag Heur.

A trusty timepiece can polish an outfit and brings a certain je ne sais quoi to your day. It reveals more about your personality than an introduction and sets you apart from the competition. A dressy watch can even be a conversation starter, a point of attraction; it’s just an all-round marvelous thing to have on you at all times. Now, instead of putting your best foot forward, you can shake hands in the confidence you are going to leave a fantastic impression.

Male Standard compiled the best timepieces for men to give you the winning edge. Choosing the right style, budget, and function has never been easier.

1. Invicta Men’s 005 Russian Diver

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Whether you’re big and tall, or looking for a man-sized watch, Invicta (Latin for invincible) offers an incredible line of durable, no fluff designs. The oversized faces (53mm by 15 mm) are not just a stunning statement, but a critical component of these authentic divers watches. If you spent vast amounts of time in water, you will not find a more reliable and functional watch to meet your needs. The larger faces make these easier for viewing under water.

Designed for the Russian Naval Fleet, these came into commercial supply a few decades ago and blew the competition out the water. With Swiss-quartz precision engineering and a lifetime guarantee, these are indestructible. Most men will appreciate the attention to quality, at a reasonable price, and find these unassuming watches blend into their lifestyles easily. Ideal for active men who need a watch that won’t let them down!

2. Nixon “The Player”

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Available in rose gold, gold (as shown), white, blue and silver or titanium finishes, The Player is a bold design with a sleek face that has a unique style to fit every man’s taste. You might think that the name comes from its Playboy looks, but it’s actually modeled on team spirit and was co-designed by entrepreneur Tony Hawks. No matter which finish you prefer, you will get a sturdy watch with exceptional style.

Using Japanese quartz, each timepiece is accented with a diamond, making it a perfect gift for the man who has everything. It’s eye-catching, without being to over the top, and is a larger than life version of Nixon’s bestselling The Classic. The case is 40mm, and the band 20mm, making this ideal for men who prefer a chunky but not oversized watch. Its waterproof, built to last, and designed on the values of quality first. You can’t go wrong with this one.

3. Kenneth Cole Oversized Reaction

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Kenneth Cole is one of the biggest names in the industry right now and has several collections that will make you the envy of any well-trained eye. The Reaction comes in black, grey, white, and several color variations including black and grey, black and white, as well as blue or orange ensuring the right design for any man. If you are looking for something different, or a quality timepiece on a budget, at less than $50, this is a fantastic choice. The powered finish makes it look more expensive than it is and is a cut above most other watches.

This is another competitor for the oversized dial market, with the 48 mm case diameter and 12 mm case thickness. What makes this piece so unique is the use of brushed rubber. If you suffer nickel allergies, then opting for a timepiece with no metal at all is a superb choice for avoiding skin irritation; especially on the band as it’s in closest contact. This solid, chunky watch is ideal for designer looks on a budget.

4. Nike GPS Powered by Tom Tom

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This Nike is our style choice for sporty men, who will appreciate the integrated GPS system as powered by Tom Tom. Available in a selection of black and neon-accented colors, now you can run, bike, or hike to your heart’s content knowing you will never be far from safety. The durable rubber fitting makes this waterproof and ready to keep up with the action. It’s also significantly smaller than many other timepieces, making it a terrific choice for when less is more.

The dial, while small and compact, makes masterly use of space so that you don’t have to take a double look to know what time it is, or where you are. You can program and track your distance, speed, and location, and it even gives small messages to boost your performance. It’s functional, practical, and truly an all-round fantastic daily wear. Ideal for the man who likes to be applauded for hitting the road running!

5. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Casual Watch

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This men’s casual watch is a powerful daily wear timepiece that has a 100% leather band, and minor branding on the face and strap. The face is striking, but also gives the user a lot of appreciable information to go by, including a second hand, day and month face, and digital second display for accuracy. Using Quartz multi-function precision, this bespoke timepiece will suit men who appreciate quality, and are looking for a watch that will go the distance.

It’s also available in traditional black leather, though we like the vintage look of the brown. You can always buy the second strap, and effectively get two watches in one.

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David Beckham wearing Breitling.  

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