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The Best Tie Clips for Men

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we decided to rack up the best tie clips for men as a style guide of what to get pops. No man should be without a top quality tie clip, and these are the perfect gift for the man who has everything! While you might think that fishing tackle or a new pair of socks are what he absolutely wants, you’d be surprised. A gift should be something you give that they will love, but won’t buy for themselves (that’s a trade secret).

If he’s into Mad Men, then we have some stellar suggestions for you!

Most men will agree that tie clips are a quintessential men’s accessory, but darned few actually own or use one. That probably even goes for you! Next time you are out, watch his eyes light up when he sees a tie clip in action – they’re the finishing touches to any men’s outfit, and a man of class recognizes these beneficial accessories for what they are, useful. Plus, what could be better than making your old man feel like Bond for the day? Male Standard is dedicated to helping you make this Father’s Day one to remember, so check out these gift suggestions and get on that next day delivery!

1. Kenneth Cole Reaction Men’s Matte Black Tie Pin

Would make a fantastic add on gift to the Reaction Watch we reviewed here. The Kenneth Col Reaction Men’s Matte Black tiepin is a fantastic style choice for the hip dad who is always stealing your cologne. If he is a regular tie wearer, or dresses business causal on a weekend, this will give him a functional tie piece that can be worn any day of the week. In striking matte black, this might even be one you would like. With a simple notched pin, this is a fuss free fit for Father’s Day. Ideal for the Dad who is young at heart!

2. Anchor Tie Clip Silver Handcrafted

If your old man served in the Navy, a great way to pay your respects is with a silver embellished anchor design. Great gifts are ones that are thoughtful, and this show of acknowledgement will fill him with pride. With 925 sterling silver, this gets our stamp of approval. It has a classic thin pin, with a small design that won’t detract from the tie itself. The hinged back plate also means it will stay in place, making it a functional gift he will enjoy wearing. Ideal for the Dad who spends his time at sea; be it fishing, going on cruises, or regaling his time in the Navy.

3.  Stainless Steel Fork Tie Pin

For the man who has everything, the joker, or even the family chef, we bet this for tiepin would go down well at a Father’s Day party. With a unique design and multiple gift options, this is a terrific way to grab his attention. While somewhat novelty, this stainless steel design is practical as it is daring and makes a fabulous accent piece. We love the thickness, and the daring design and the fact that it does stay in place. Comes with free shipping and gift-wrapping here.

4. JJ Weston Medical Tiepin

If you have a Doctor in the family, you will understand why this is a must have item. No one becomes a Doctor without years of hard work. Give him the gift that acknowledges his traits and shows respect for his profession. With a gold embellished medical icon, and brushed gold steel, he can wear this look at work or home. It is gold plated, so you know it will last him for a few years yet!

5. Donald Trump Men’s Tie Clip

With a combination of silver, gold, and brass, this durable tiepin is not only classically pleasing to the eye, but will blend in with any other men’s accessories you or he may be wearing. If you are unsure of which metal he prefers, or if he doesn’t wear much jewelry, but you think he’d be open to the idea, this is a perfect gift that won’t be left in the unused pile. This is a fantastic look for daily wear, but also brings a touch of class to an evening outfit. Tip: Unlike other tiepins in this collection, this one is also a full four inches wide, making it ideal for the older gentleman who is used to a traditional size. The others featured are smaller, and more modern, so be sure to check out the dimensions before ordering!

6. Bundle Monster Pack for Men

If you are still unsure, which design your Dad might like, or are hosting a party in his honor, why not grab the bundle pack and turn them into party favors? At a fraction of the cost, you can present him with a tiepin for each day of the week, or use them to secure letters, business cards, and others miscellaneous goods around the house. Who said you can give too much of a good thing? Guests and family will all appreciate these designs.

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