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How to Dye Your Beard Technicolor at Home

There’s a trend popping off this summer, which takes beards to a whole new level. According to Diana Schmidtke, celebrity groomer to Jon Hamm and Michael Keaton and a collaborator with the Art of Shaving, the beard trend was born in Brooklyn. In the early 2000s, “it was showing up on younger guys there,” she said. Even more unlikely, the urbane-rugged look caught fire, dominating men’s fashion and birthing a name. “Forget metrosexual, it’s the whole lumbersexual thing.”

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“Funnily enough, the Brooklyn beard is actually very high maintenance,” she said. “It’s a full beard, so you need regular trimming and conditioning for it to not look crazy. Nobody is trying for a full ‘mountain man’ look.” Apparently, when it comes to his facial hair, today’s guy doesn’t mind pitching in for extra credit. About a year ago, for an Instagram selfie, the photographer Tyler Dean King used limited-edition Bumble & bumble spray chalk to color his hair cobalt and his beard minty aquamarine. “I was originally just going to do my hair, but then after I did it, my beard looked weird,” he said. He snapped the photo, then took a shower and washed out the chalk. “I didn’t even leave my apartment,” he said.

Step 1. Choose Your Color(s)


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The technicolor beard is made great with a blend of color. We love the rainbow effect, although some guys hesitate to think they can pull off this look: you can, it’s all in the application. If this is your first technicolor beard, then an ombre effect is extremely complimentary to any beard. This is where you choose one color and give the illusion of more by fading it from light to dark. Think Jerad Leto’s long locks but in beard form. For the daring, pick multicolors or clashing colors.

Step 2: Choose Your Dye Kit

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The next step to rocking a technicolor beard is to choose a dye kit that is suitable for your facial hair. We love Manic Panic dyes, which are temporary (however they do not wash out quickly) and vegan, so they do not contain harsh chemicals. Manic Panic also has the best selection of colors, and their unique paste formula is perfect for blending and mixing into custom shades. You can also pick traditional dye kits or barber kits for a more natural look.

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Step 3: Color Your Beard


This third step depends on the kit you purchase, but as a rule, read the instructions before opening the kit. Once dye is open, it has a short shelf life, which includes the application time. Take precautions to set up a safe space (where you don’t mind spilling dye), and make sure you have everything to hand before starting. A great tip is to purchase your own latex gloves, as the ones that come with dye kits are usually useless. Manic Panic do not supply gloves or an application brush.



You can also choose to dye your hair and eyebrows for a dramatic effect. This is slightly more permanent, but we think it’s worth it if you can get away with it. After all, you only live once. If you would like to create this look, but have a less than understanding boss, then you can substitute the look with a color closer to nature, such as a dark purple, blue or red that is close to black or brown. When the light hits your beard, strike a pose!

So there you have it, folks! If you followed our tips, be sure to take a photo and leave a comment. You can also find us on Instagram and Twitter at @malestandard – we love to hear from you!