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Psoriasis Remedies That Actually Work

Unless you experience Psoriasis, it’s hard to explain the social stigma that comes with this condition – symptoms range from mild to severe, and can escalate in days. Psoriasis does not discriminate, it can affect men woman and children. From Eczema-like dry patches of skin to full body coverage of silver, flaky […]


Kiehl’s Jumbo Pack Giveaway

It’s no secret that Kiehl’s is among our favorite men’s skin care brands. They use only the finest ingredients and always give back to the community. Today, we’re bringing the best selling Kiehl’s products to you in a Jumbo Prize Pack. Here’s what you’ll get: “Ultimate Man” Body Scrub Soap Facial […]

Men's Grooming, Skin Care

Melanoma in Men: How to Protect Your Skin

As long as the sun – and its harmful UV rays – remains in the sky, the risk of Melanoma or skin cancer exists. However, that doesn’t mean we should banish ourselves to living indoors for the rest of our lives. The sun has equally beneficial rays that promotes Vitamin D absorption, […]