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Stocking Up: 5 Fundamentally Important Liquors for Your Home Bar

If you have a bar in your house, or are in the process of building one, it is beneficial to know what it should be stocked with. Walking into a liquor store can be overwhelming as there are so many types of liquors to choose from. Here is a list of the 5 of the most respected liquors to include in your bar.


Vodka is the most popular liquor used for mixed drinks. Vodka is distilled from either rice or potatoes. It is the most simple of the liquors. There are no dark, spiced or colored vodka’s other than clear. This makes vodka the best liquor to add flavors to. Companies like Bendistillery, Three Olive, and Absolut have turned vodka into every flavor imaginable.; from pepper, fruit loops to Mountain Dew flavored. The most ordered drinks that contain vodka are Screwdrivers (vodka and OJ), Cape Cod (vodka and cranberry with a lime), and Bloody Mary’s. If you want to create a signature drink for your bar, vodka is the best place to start.


Captain’s Invasion

Got a little Captain? You should for your bar. Rum is a tropical liquor. This is because it is primarily distilled in the Caribbean. Rum is made from fermented sugar cane. Unlike vodka, rum can come in other varieties other than clear. Spiced rum, like Captain Morgan, goes great with coke. Coconut rum is perfect for tropical and fruity drinks like Pina Coladas. Spiced and coconut are the two most popular flavors of rum. However, there is a brand called Rumchata that makes a creamy rum with cinnamon flavors. If you plan on installing a pool side tiki bar, be sure to stock up on rum.


Whiskey is said to have existed since the 3rd century AD. It has the most variety in terms of what it’s made from and how it’s made. It is fermented from grains or corn and aged in oak barrels. Moonshine is also a form of whiskey based on it’s ingredients. Whiskey is a darker liquor. The confusion with whiskey is that it comes in blends that can also be classified as a scotch or bourbon. If you have a whiskey/bourbon blend, like Jim Beam, you can use this if someone orders a bourbon. Whiskeys are the liquor most classified for what country they come from. There are Canadian whiskeys like Crown Royal, used to make Washington Apple Shots. There is also Irish whiskeys, like Jameson that are popularly used to make Irish coffees. If you are looking for a nice, hearty liquor make sure to have a bottle of whiskey on hand.


Tequila is liquor predominately made in Mexico. The most popular drinks it’s made with are Margaritas called “light and dark”, tequila is referred to as being silver or gold. Tequila is one of the most popular liquors to shoot straight. Just add a little salt and a lime. Another popular drink is a Tequila Sunrise, which is tequila and OJ with grenadine and a cherry on top. This is another liquor you will want to stock up on for your tiki bar.


Cordials are often referred to liqueurs. Cordials are a mixture of different liqueurs. This mixture includes schnapps, coffee liqueurs, amarettos, and other liquors not classified under the main group of liquors. When you mix drinks, with multiple types of liquor, you will have a primary liquor and a secondary liquor. For example, Margaritas have tequila as their primary and Triple Sec as their secondary. When mixing drinks, the standard measurement are 1 3/4 oz. of the primary liquor and 3/4 oz. of the secondary. These are the liquors you can have fun picking out. The main cordials found at bars are Puckers (apple), Schnapps (butterscotch or peach), and Amaretto’s (DisAronno) and real liqueurs (Kahlua, Baileys, and Frangelico). Jagermeister also falls under the cordials category. There is a long list of cordials and liqueurs so be sure to ask someone at the liquor store for their opinion on the best. Having a few of these at your bar is vital for making mixed drinks.

If you love entertaining guests be sure to perfect your bar skills and expertise. Having a variety of liquor and knowledge about each one is a sure way to wow your friends.

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*If you feel like you or someone you know drinks too much liquor, consider an alcoholism treatment center for help.