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Hilarious Dating Advice from Hollywood’s Hottest Comedienne, Syd Wilder!

When it comes to dating advice, who better to ask than hilarious comedienne Syd Wilder, who shocked the nation with her outrageously funny and somewhat factual viral YouTube sensation, “How to Take a Slutty Selfie.” In the video, shown below, Syd masters the art of the “duck face,” and teaches you how to take incognito photographs when at work, at the gym, and even in restrooms so that you never miss an opportunity to look “hot” for the opposite sex. Share this video with the girl-next-door if you want to get more hot action on your social media feeds, or send it to those who are taking the duck face too far as a fun hat tip; you’re not fooling us hot girls of Instagram, Syd let the cat out of the bag! Male Standard spoke with Syd, who even let us in on a few easy secrets on how to attract this charming and beautiful woman’s attention, so that you can amp up your game.


Meet Hollywood’s Hottest Comedienne, Syd Wilder!


Victor: How did you get where you are today? 

Syd: I’ve always had a passion for comedy. I’ve heard, usually, comedians are the youngest child; I was always messing around growing up and it kind of took off from there. I’m originally from Georgia. I moved out to L.A. when I was 16 with my mom and two sisters. I went to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and studied with a bunch of different people, and started working as an actor about three years ago, doing stand-up about a year after that. I was actually a country singer when I was 14, I’m so glad I didn’t make it in that career. Could you imagine me doing that now? It’d be so embarrassing.

Victor: How do you put yourself out there?

Syd: Well, there’s a lot of bookers in L.A. It’s easy to get on a show, it’s not easy to be good on the show, but it’s easy to get a show. It’s funny, when you’re a female stand-up comedian, people are like, “It takes a lot of balls to do that,” but my favorite thing is when you’ve had a really bad show, and someone comes up to you after, and they say, “You look really pretty.” My response is always, “Thank you, I appreciate that.” If I’m not funny, at least I have something to fall back on, I try not to take it too personally.

Victor: What does a typical day look like for you?

Syd: Today, for example, I have four or five interviews. I have to rewrite my set, because I want to try some new jokes. I think I have two writing sessions for two different projects; then I’m doing another how-to video, so that’s what today looks like, it changes all the time, but it’s usually pretty busy.

Victor: How do you balance everything you have going on?

Syd: I’m controlled chaos. It’s one thing after another, you know? That’s probably why I’m single, I’m really committed to what I’m doing.

Victor: What inspired your viral “Slutty Selfie” video?

Syd: I have a lot of girlfriends who are models, I follow them on Instagram.  I’ll see their photos, and it’s just one duck face after another duck face. What cracks me up, is there’s this one girl, I’m not going to say her name, but she always posts photos of herself with inspirational quotes; really, she just wanted to post a photo of herself, which is cool, but she won’t come out and say that. So she keeps quoting Einstein and Winston Churchill over herself to shift the attention. She’s always got her duck face set to stun. That’s what inspired me to do it. I thought it would be funny to play it out to the extreme, I think everyone knows someone who is prone to taking “slutty selfies.”  

Victor: Are there any other videos in the pipeline that we can expect to see?

Syd: Yes, I have a new video coming out soon, that’s what I’m actually going to work on writing later today. It’s a how-to video about twerking. I don’t want to give the title away, but, it’s going to be really funny and involves a bunch of different type of people.

Victor: How do you break down your filming process? 

Syd: I have a writing partner that I work with named Megan Rhino. She was my first improv teacher in L.A. at Second City, and is phenomenal. Basically, what I’ll do, is come up with some crazy ideas, I’ll start improvising them, and she will type it out for me to pick the best parts. I could record it, and write it out myself, but it just works better because she knows how to write scripts, she can write commercials, she can write anything in my style; she’s typing while I’m talking and ranting, in character, and I don’t have to think about it. It takes a lot of the pressure off. It’s kind of like Key and Peele, I don’t know exactly how they do their work, but I know they’re a comedy duo, so there’s something in having that support.


Victor: What would you say are the biggest mistakes guys make when picking up women?

Syd: Being really nervous. Or when girls are all hot and sexy, and guys don’t want to approach them, I hate that. I get hit on way more in sweatpants, than I do when I’m all done up. That’s not the way it should happen. Guys need to have confidence, they need to go walk over to the hottest girl in the room, and start talking to her. Because you know, the only guys that start talking to those girls, are the creepy, weird guys that we don’t want to be talking to, we want to be talking to you. So, man up, and come up and talk to us.

Victor: Do looks really matter?

Syd: Absolutely not. I love a guy with a sense of humor. I’m a big girl, so I like a taller guy, but if you’re really funny, and we have a lot in common and have chemistry, nothing else matters.

Victor: Can a man ever be too groomed? 

Syd: Yes! Like with eyebrows, don’t go all Joey Lawrence on me. I don’t want you to have a unibrow, but don’t overdo it either, it’s very weird to me. I do appreciate a man that keeps his junk clean. I don’t want to go down on a hairy ape. That should definitely be in check. There’s no exceptions for that whatsoever. You need to be very, very groomed down there.

Victor: Are we talking trimmed or full Brazilian?

Syd:  I like a full Brazilian, I’m not going to lie; trimmed can work too, but as long as you’re really, really trimmed.

Victor: What’s the first thing that you notice in a man?

Syd: I notice his eyes, I’m not really about aesthetics, but the eyes are usually what I notice first.

Victor: Describe the worst date that you’ve been on.

Syd: Oh my gosh, it was my 19th birthday, and being from Georgia, I always celebrate by going to the fair. I really wanted to go out with this guy, but I didn’t know he was narcoleptic. It wouldn’t have been a problem for me, but there’s something about his condition, that when he’s playing games, it stimulates him so much that he won’t fall asleep, and becomes intensely into whatever he is doing. By the end of the night, he was addicted to playing this game where you throw the ring, and it has to land on top of a bottle. I kept asking myself, why am I here? He wouldn’t let play any of the games with him. I’m sitting there watching him play all these games, for four hours, then, he wins this huge teddy bear that’s like 50 pounds. He wouldn’t carry it, so I end up dragging it around; I felt like I was being punked.

Victor: That’s almost like something that we expect to hear in one of your skits, hilarious.

Syd: You’d think I could like use his narcolepsy to my advantage, but he was not falling asleep. I’ve been trying to work it into my set somehow, but people get so confused, because they’re like, oh, wait, why was he not falling asleep? I’m like, I don’t know, I wanted him to, but that’s sort of the joke.

Victor: What are your thoughts on guys who get manicures and pedicures? 

Syd: I like clean hands on a guy, I think it’s hot. If you’re an athlete, you’ll know those guys have the worst feet. Go to the salon, please.

Victor: If a guy is starting to thin, do you say embrace it? Or just go bald?

Syd: I think if you want to go bald, go bald. I’ve dated numerous guys who’ve had hair surgery. The plugs or whatever? It made them happy, and I was all for it because they were happy. I’m all about whatever makes you feel sexy and confident. I love a bald head, if that’s what you want to rock, but if you want surgery to make yourself feel better, I’m always been supportive of that too.

Victor: What upcoming projects do you have?

Syd: I’m doing my next how-to parody, I have a show at the Comedy Store tomorrow, in the Belly Room. Then I have a show on the 25th, at the Improv, a movie coming out, called Mining for Ruby, and it’ll come out early next year. I don’t think there’s a release date yet, but Antoinette Kalaj is in it too, which is awesome.

Victor: Where can our readers learn more about you? Are you on Instagram? Twitter? 


Syd: [In character] I’m totally on Instagram, I post really slutty photos on there, so they all need to follow me. I’m also on Twitter, and trying to get into Instagram. I have a Vine, but like Facebook, I don’t really use it much. If you tag your photos or comments with #SydSluttySelfie then I’ll see them.

Thank you Syd for taking the time to chat with Male Standard! To see Syd live, go to The Improv on August 25th. You can follow @SydWilder or visit Good luck, Syd!