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How To Style The Peaked Side Crop Hairstyle

A cropped peak hairstyle is defined as a short style with the hair cut very close to the head. Men started sporting this look in the early 1900’s when entering the armed forces during recruitment training for World War I, and it’s been evolving ever since. It kept hair from getting in the way during combat or when wearing a helmet, and is a classic gentleman’s style that can be worn anywhere. Members of the armed forces still wear the short crop for military service but for a more fashionable street-friendly look, there is the Gatsby inspired peaked side crop.

With The Great Gatsby topping the box office, it’s no wonder guys are looking to recreate the look from the film, especially the sleek hairstyles sported by its male stars Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio); Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire); and Tom Buchanan (Joel Edgerton). This Roaring 20’s themed men’s style is a great go-to this summer, and is incredibly easy to achieve at home. All you need is a strong hold putty, and ten minutes to style and prefect this dapper look.

“The look is so hot right now after a resurgence of men’s grooming with classic and continental barbering being so in fashion. It’s interesting to see that men are returning to barber shops to have face shaves and a classic fade-style cut.” says grooming guru Phoenix Thompson. “Men are way more confident now in regards to styling their hair, and not just The Great Gatsby, but shows such as Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men have started a trend for slick and shiny finishes, which has men rocking the Don Draper side-part.”

How to Style the Great Gatsby Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyle

What You Will Need:

Hairbond Sculptor Professional Hair Putty is a high density putty this is soft and gives great emulsion type texture to the hair. Designed for separation and hold soft and easy, it works superbly on dry hair and separating thicker hair types. Apply product and sculpt into shape giving great wet look styling results. This product has a scrumptious green apple fragrance. The Sculptor washes out easily in water.

Next, grab a fine tooth comb. This is what’s going to give you that signature curl in the front of the peak, giving you the most authentic Gatsby look going. The comb is a versatile hair styling tool because it detangles wet hair without damaging fragile follicles. Simply use the comb to section off, twist, and hold the curl into place using the technique as shown in the video tutorial above.

Lastly, you will want to find a paddle hairbrush. This is a flat brush that you can use to add shine to your hair, and that also helps to blow dry wet hair into a frizz-less, straight hairstyle. This is a fantastic tool to have on hand if you have naturally curly or frizzy hair, and will help tame this style into a sleek shape.

The Five Second Entrance Ready Hairstyle

If you don’t have a comb and brush on hand, then don’t worry. You can still get a glam Gatsby inspired hairstyle by using this five second tutorial, as shown by Slikhaar TV. Simply use the Hairbond Sculptor Professional Hair Putty to create a long lasting hold, by working the product into damp hair. The product will “bond” to your hair, giving you a workable style that will leave a strong, masculine impression!

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