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Three Winter Hats All Men Should Own!

When the cooler months approach, it’s the perfect time to pull out your winter hats. You can never have too many to choose from; these are staple dress items that all men should own. Hats can be a fun accent piece that dress up an outfit. They add warmth. They can even protect your skin from the winter sun. Choosing the right winter accessories is all about knowing your climate and choosing the style that works for you. If in doubt, check out our selection below and take a risk. Worst case scenario, you can take it off.

Here are three styles of winter hats every man should own!

The Beanie

When it comes to winter hats, the faithful wool beanie is a staple choice that is as practical as it is unassuming. Choose a quality wool to ensure you can wear this hat with most outfits. Nylon blends cheapen this look; no one wants to look like a New York window cleaner on their day off. Skip wearing beanies with suits, and almost anything else goes. Neutral shades will also add to its flexibility. A beanie will see you through most winter days. Oh, and we prefer beanies with no bubbles on top. You should too!

Polo Signature Cuff Wool Beanie

We love this simple yet sleek Polo Signature Cuff Wool Beanie. It has a classic, snug fit tbat will add a touch of class to any outfit thanks to this dark gray wool blend. Choosing a designer accessory is a smart way to upgrade your seasonal outfits.

The Fedora

If you are looking for a dressier take on winter hats then the fedora is the choice for you. This timeless hat suits most men and adds a fresh twist on most outfits, including suits. Throughout winter, your fedora should be a wool, felt, or beaver skin in a darker color such as black, gray, brown, or greige. Avoid lighter colors and straw finishes, which compliment summer hats. You can also look for cavalry hats and pork pie hats as trendy alternatives to the classic fedora.

City Hunter Pmw90 Belt Wool Felt Fedora

We love this City Hunter Pmw90 Belt Wool Felt Fedora. The mix of black and brown means you can wear this with your favourite shoes and belts. It’s finally acceptable to mix black and brown; not that you did before!

The Walking Hat

If you want something smarter than a beanie but less assuming than a fedora, you may be an Irish walking hat man. These winter hats are perfect for keeping you warm, and tout a classic yet simple style. Made from durable tweed, these winter hats are warmer than wool and the shape means your hat will stay snug during windy days. Choose from a simple band, or add embellishments to the rivet to dress these hats up. Otherwise, grab one and go for a brisk winter walk!

Hanna Hats Tweed Walking Hat

We love this Hanna Hats Tweed Walking Hat. It’s casual yet comfy and has charm. This is a great choice for the confident trendsetter who doesn’t want to look like everyone else.

What are your favorite winter hats? Let us know if we missed one!