Why Women Find “Handy” Men Overwhelmingly Attractive

Being able to cook, clean, and maintain a nice body is not impressive anymore. Women want something more from men. Women are focusing their attention on men who work wonders with their hands by fixing things. These “handy” men are in high demand, and it’s making men wonder what it is about handymen that make them so attractive to women.

You Have to Have Skills

Fancy cars and a bank account that is in good standing don’t impress the ladies as they once did. Men who possess the skills to maintain and repair essentials of the interior or exterior of the home spark the interest of women. This includes carpenters, painters, and a man who has the knowledge and skills to remodel a family home. The more skills a man possesses, the less burden he will be.

Having a Man Who is Resourceful

There’s nothing better than a man who is resourceful.  Something as simple as building a shed makes women appreciate a handy man more than your average suit and tie guy. When something breaks or malfunctions in the home, it’s a good feeling to know you have someone who can help. Women appreciate something that was made or repaired rather than something she had to hire a professional to do. A man who is resourceful can get out of a sticky situation. A woman doesn’t want to be stuck on the side of the road with her love interest with a flat tire. Some women are embarrassed being with a man who does not know how to do certain things, such as change a tire.

A Man’s Man

The old days seem to be making a reappearance and women are expecting more out of a man than being able to pay half of the household expenses and maintaining their eye-candy appearance. Some men are not manly as a woman would like and they hate to do things that are considered manly, such as making household repairs, installing things in the home, and handling business in general. Many women love a man who doesn’t mind getting dirty. Handymen have an “edge” about them that women love. Women love he fact that a handyman has expertise in many fields. Although most women know how to do many things a handyman can, but it’s better to watch the show than be a part of the cast sometime.

Money Saver

Women love saving money, and a man who helps her save money is a pre-approved winner. A handyman can save a lot of money when it comes to household expenses and repairs. A handyman can make a wide range of repairs from intermediate to more advance. A simple plumbing repair can cost an astronomical amount of money. A handyman can make the necessary repairs and eliminate the expensive cost of hiring a professional.

Here are a few things that attract women to handymen. For some women, it’s not always about how much money a man makes, what type of car they drive, and what type of career they have. Sometimes it’s as simple as knowing how to do things around the house.