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Why Spa Dates Are a Bad Idea for Men

The spa: a place of relaxation and pampering for the female prototypes. A place to do something just for you so why not makes it a date with your significant other or a girl that your into?

Well, I can think of a couple of reasons.

While this could be a good idea and it may score you major points with your chick there are definitely some things to consider before jumping in.

Number one, the price. There is nothing, I repeat nothing cheap about a spa date. I am going to be completely honest with you, even if you go as a couple it is likely that you will spend little to no time together. All the while at minimum dropping a couple hundred dollars before walking out the door.

Most spas are coed and have a small common room that is not at all romantic or private. If you have never been to a coed spa it usually consists of a room construed of two or three long couches and a few over sized chairs. Likely has a fireplace and baskets of fruits with stations of tea, coffee and water. These rooms are often quiet and used solely as a place to sit down and wait for your next appointment/therapist.

The rooms where you can utilize the amenities are most often separate male and female, so unless you are into hanging out in a sauna or hot tub with a bunch of dudes I would venture to guess your going to pass. Plus, can’t you get access to the same stuff at your local gym that is already incorporated into your monthly fee? Way cheaper.

Secondly, and I think most importantly you need to consider how jealous your chick and/or you are.

On paper it may sound like a good idea to get a couples massage, thereby solving the above issue of not getting to spend time together while funding this expense date. Wrong.

Have you considered how either of you will react to watching another person rubbing your girl down or a girl rubbing you down?

I can pretty much guarantee you are going to request a girl, because lets face it most men are not comfortable even under said circumstances with a guy rubbing them all over. Furthermore, while you may think it is hot to be watching your girl getting rubbed on naked by another chick is it going to be so cool if you pop wood mid massage? I can pretty much promise you that even the best of us non-jealous types are going to be pissed at that, or even embarrassed which will not lead to a long night of grateful, hot, thank you so much honey sex.

So here’s my suggestion. Forego the spa for you. If you really want to score points and your girl has been hounding you about the spa, send her. I promise you will be rewarded for your good deeds and in turn save you some money and hopefully you can use that wood in the right bush instead of having your tree chopped down at the root before you can even sprout leaves.