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The Best Shaving Brush for Men

When it comes to shaving, brushes are somewhat overlooked but provide an essential lathering component that hands cannot match. While shaving has lent towards the disposable and fast shave in recent years, more men are looking back to when shaving was an activity and not a pursuit, and are finding that shaving brushes fill that demand. By taking the time to lather your shaving gel correctly, you create an infinitely better shave.

So which is the best shaving brush for men and why does it matter?

The purpose of using a shaving brush is to lather and apply the shaving gel so that the skin is consistently coated with this protective product. Without lathering, you run the risk of wiping it off on the first stroke and damaging the skin. The consistency adds to this protective layer as all the skin receives the perfect amount of shaving gel. If the gel is too thick or too thin it won’t be able to protect your skin. The brush evens it out for the perfect shave.

Below are the top men’s shaving brushes Male Standard recommend. Each provides a quality experience with budgets from a few to tens of dollars to suit your personal budget. No man should be without a proper brush and these will help you get started:

1. Tweezerman Men’s Shaving Brush

The Tweezerman Men’s shaving brush is a quality, and durable shaving tool made from 100% natural badger bristles. If you look closely, you will see the distinction in using badgers hair. Not only is this hair soft and perfect for lathering shaving gel, but the bristles are uniquely beneficial when exfoliating at the same time. For a deep, clean shave, this great two in one brush will last you almost a lifetime!

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2. Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury Shave Set

Also benefiting you with 100% natural badger bristles, Van Der Hagen have created a compact gift set that contains a shaving mug and razor stand. With monogrammed design detailing, this is a worthwhile countertop companion that looks smart and works even better. The added shave soap is also hypoallergenic and has moisturizing properties making it ideal for use with the brush and razor.

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3. The Body Shop Synthetic Shaving Brush

If you are looking for an animal friendly and cost effective shaving brush, you can’t go wrong with the Body Shop Synthetic Shaving Brush. This brush uses 100% synthetic bristles, and unlike other cheaper shaving brushes, can pass for real hair with its soft and lathering touch. This is also a terrific traveling companion, as synthetic fibers dry out quickly making it ideal for shaving on the go and then storing.

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4. Omega Shaving Set with Brush, Soap, and Holder Bowl

If you appreciate quality and ease of application over modern technology, the Omega is a perfect fit that has a classic barbershop design on a great budget. Containing traditional boar bristles over the more trendy badger bristles, this complete set contains everything you need to get started and should last you a long time. The bristles are soft, and perfect for lathering and are slightly longer than other models on the market.

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5. GBS 100% Silver Tip Badger Bristle Shaving Brush

GBS are renowned for quality shaving brushes and stands, and have a keen eye for the finer details and make shaving an enjoyable experience. The 100% Silver Tip Badger Bristle shaving brush is no exception and contains the highest quality badger bristles for the closest shave to date. Gentlemen of a higher caliber will appreciate the faux horn silver tip detailing and chrome base – making this an excellent gift option also.

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6. The Art of Shaving Unscented Gift Pack

The Art of Shaving has put together a veritable pack of goodies that have everything you need to start shaving like a real man again. This travel-friendly pack is ideal for those who shave daily or who want to take some quality products that won’t take up much room. This set is unscented and hypoallergenic, which is ideal for sensitive skin types but is also available in sandalwood, lemon, and lavender for a more spa-like experience.

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Note: Badger and boar bristle brushes do not always smell super fresh on purchase, but you can dilute the smell by washing the brush using warm water and shampoo before use. Most brush smells quickly fade, and is a sign of authentic and natural bristles. Avoid over washing synthetic brushes, as this can dry out the fibers. Each brush should arrive with instructions on how to care for your men’s shaving brush.

So now that you know which is the best shaving brush for men, which one will you be investing in? Leave a comment below and share your experiences with the team!