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A Vision of Quiet Luxury – I Test Drove the Lincoln Navigator Black Label

The Navigator has always set the benchmark for luxury – and the 2018 model is no exception to the rule. It’s clear no expense was spared to create the ultimate luxury SUV, of which potential owners can expect to receive a full-blown concierge treatment that spans travel, maintenance, AVIS® President’s Club access, in addition to a cabin packed with premium tech and comfort inducing features.

I had the opportunity to check out the 2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label for a few days and was blown away by the attention to detail and how luxurious this spacious ride is. Until now, I never considered myself a “Lincoln guy,” but the Navigator pulls you in with a different class of luxury. This is in large due to the extension of the Lincoln brand, and the introduction of the new Black Label Membership.

The 2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label boasts an elite-class membership that gives owners access to an assortment of luxury lifestyle benefits, which starts with access to an in-dealership private fitting room, or your liaison can bring the showroom, and your vehicle, to you. From the moment you step into the showroom, Lincoln is creating the ultimate car ownership experience and the Navigator is leading the class.

My Impressions of the Lincoln Navigator Black Label

The Lincoln Navigator Black Label boasts a refreshing new take on the interior cabin with it’s refreshing Venetian blue leather and piped trim. This is the ultimate in quiet luxury and offers more than a comfortable and luxurious ride with little noise or disturbance. I was pleasantly surprised to find enough space for two car seats, with room to spare, and tons of premium features inside.

While the Navigator exterior is largely untouched, there is the iconic star mesh grille and clean lines you’d expect of Lincoln upfront to turn heads. The Black Label trim options give owners the chance to imprint their vision of luxury. Each theme was custom-curated by a hand-selected team of influential designers inspired by the arts, fine food, and culture, and is the focal point of the Navigators appeal.

The Yacht Club theme is exclusive to the Navigator and is a tranquil oasis. The driver seats take precedence, with a command center up front featuring a premium sound system and entertainment center at hand. The seats are upholstered with Coastal Blue Venetian leather and detailed with an attractive coastal lining. These accents are accentuated throughout the cabin space and are very relaxing.

Luxury design touches include:

  • Captain’s Seats: Surfaces upholstered with Coastal Blue Venetian leather and detailed with elegant microperforations.
  • Make a Member’s Entrance: The distinctive lattice grille—for the first time ever on the Lincoln Navigator.
  • Refined Becomes Relaxing: Whitewashed teak detailing balances the theme’s blues with shades you might find during a warm day on the water.

The Lincoln Black Label Membership Privileges

The Lincoln Navigator is so much more than a luxury full-size SUV – it’s the ultimate expression of design and personal service. The membership privileges include complimentary car washes and annual detailing (to keep your Navigator in pristine condition), and premium maintenance to boot. You can also gain upgrade perks when traveling: such as access to the exclusive AVIS® President’s Club, which make transitioning from your Navigator to traveling a cinch.

All Lincoln Black Label vehicles also come with a four-year/50,000- mile premium maintenance plan, covering all recommended service and wear items with complimentary pickup and delivery within a 50-mile radius. That means if anything happens, Lincoln will take care of it for you and put you in a loaner Lincoln while your Navigator is serviced. As someone who is always on the go, this really appeals to me.  

My biggest takeaway is how to Navigator just fits into my life. It makes life easy: from the extra space to the luxurious cabin, to the confidence gained in knowing if something does go wrong that Lincoln has got your back, creates a transformative driving experience. It feels like Lincoln has covered all the bases, and I love all the fine details they’ve address like endless driver seat positioning options for you to find your most comfortable ride.

Contact your local Lincoln dealer to find out more about the Navigator Black Label or to book a test drive.