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Valentines Gifts For Her 2020

Choosing the right Valentines gifts for her can make even the most confident man second guess himself; you want to find something that let her know you care, but you also don’t want to make it seem like the relationship (or lack thereof) is more or less than what you might have discussed. To point you in the right direction, we have compiled a list of foolproof Valentines gifts for her that will make her the feel like the luckiest women in the world, even if you don’t propose.

The reason these Valentines gifts for her work so well is that they take a classic idea that has been tried and tested, and add a new spin on them to bring them up to date. Remember, today is all about creating romance not being cliche or broke! Adding a unique twist will also make your gift look thoughtful and special to her, without begin complicated on your part. Valentines gifts for her should be heartfelt and sweet. Don’t feel you have to play an elaborate score to impress her. The right woman will want these:

A Dozen “You Choose” Roses

This traditional gift is a classic way to woo a woman, but we’re giving it a modern twist by letting you pick the color of the rose. Red is the symbol of love, and you will see many of these around V Day, but there are many more variations that can make your gift interesting or a more appropriate romantic gesture; especially if you are not ready to utter those three words. Some choices we like are deep burgundy (unconscious beauty), pink (appreciation), orange not yellow (desire), and lavender (love at first sight). Roses can be given with other Valentines gifts for her to allude to the grandiose.

What not to do: Do not buy flowers from a gas station or grocery store. Call a florist and invest cash in a proper bouquet. They will last much longer, and be of a superior quality, and yes, she will know the difference. The bonus of calling on a florist is you can tell them what you want the flowers to say, and they can tailor make something for you.

Ditch the Diamonds

Sometimes it’s fun to break away from tradition. This isn’t your parents date night, after all. Many companies now tailor to a younger audience who appreciate a causal jewelry style that she can wear more often. If diamonds are the red rose, then there are dozens of gems and precious stones that make wonderful Valentines gifts for her, but without feeling like you have to sign over your check. Dogeared are a California company who hand make all of their pieces, to create unique and one of a kind creations that she will love. Gone are the days of choosing jewelry that she keeps locked in a safe; be bold and have fun!

What not to do: Do not buy fake stones or metals. Always look for a quality assurance, even if you are on a budget. You do not want to risk giving her a reaction. You should always buy the insurance for any item worth saving. You can always ask for a gift receipt that will not disclose how much you paid that she can keep in case of a return or insurance claim.

Be Her Candy Crush

A fun way to switch up Valentines gifts for her is to turn a gift into an experience. Anyone can give a box of chocolates, but who can say they took her on a chocolate tour? You can! Play Willy Wonka, and call around local candy makers to see if they have a candy making class or tour available. Many open their doors this time of year, and offer you a chance to get your hands wet with delicious goodies. She will enjoy the new way to experience chocolate, and you will be able to let the conversation steer itself. This is also a great option for the new couple who are looking for an afternoon date, or something to do before dinner.

What not to do: Do not pretend to know everything about chocolate. Enjoy learning something new with your date. Have fun and be yourself. She will feel at ease this way, and you won’t feel pressured into keeping one step ahead. Plus, learning a new skill together is a great bonding exercise that can lead to passionate chemistry!

We would love to hear what Valentines gifts for her you plan to get, although don’t let her see! The real gift is all in the surprise.