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Valentine’s Day: Picking The Perfect Flowers

It’s a simple, universal truth: men despise Valentine’s Day as much as women love it. As every guy knows, planning and shopping for this Hallmark holiday can create a ridiculous amount of stress. It doesn’t matter whether your Valentine’s Day date is your wife or a gal you recently started seeing, flowers are a must! According to floral expert, Victoria Thanoukos, there are two assumptions men make when it comes to Valentine’s Day flowers: red roses are NOT the best way to go and a beautiful bouquet doesn’t have to cost a fortune. “It’s a myth that a gorgeous flower arrangement has to break the bank,” she says. Just in time for February 14th, Victoria has some tips for avoiding the dreaded “you screwed up the most romantic day of the year” fight and get it right.

For The Trendy Girl — Radiant Orchid

Gain serious points by giving her a bouquet of these stunning purple flowers (impress her even further by casually mentioning that “radiant orchid” is the official 2014 color of the year.)

For the Classic Girl — Geraldine Roses

These light pink flowers exude romanticism – plus they have a sweet, subtle fragrance she’ll love.

For The Girl You Just Started Seeing — Freesia Flowers

These gorgeous white blooms have a powerful and intoxicating fragrance. Their beautiful and make a statement (in a non-committal kind of way.)

For Your Long-Term Lady — Matsumoto Aster Flowers

At this point you’ve probably gifted her with every flower known to man. Step outside of the box and give her something unique that she’s never received. (Bonus: she’ll probably think you had to special order these buds, but they are actually available at almost any florist in the country.)

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