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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Lucky Lady

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast, and that means beautiful ladies around the world will look forward to being spoiled by the doting gentlemen in their lives. Whether you’ll be enjoying the evening with a wife, girlfriend, or sometimes-lover, you’re going to want to up the ante and make sure the most romantic night of the year is one that she’ll never forget. The basics of a nice dinner and a nice bottle of wine are as important as ever, but since this is Valentines and you want to do something extra special, you’ll want to get her a nice gift as well – and we do mean nice!

Whether you settle on a sparkling new jewelry piece, a chic new purse straight from the runways of Paris, or a trendy new wristwatch that she’ll cherish for years, your lucky lady is sure to remember your generosity (and good taste!) for years to come. Here are some high-end gift ideas to help get you started:

1. Prada Twin Bag


Simplicity and luxury merge seamlessly in these cute new Twin Bags by Prada. Just make sure you choose a colour that your girl will actually like! If you aren’t certain which would be most appropriate, take a peek at her wardrobe and try to identify which colours and tones she wears most often.

2. Chanel Camelia Ring


This 18k yellow gold ring by Chanel features a shiny pearl as its extravagant centrepiece, while the floral pattern on the outside of the ring evokes classic European style at its very best. Your lady would be utterly ecstatic to open a jewelry box and find a glittering gift like this on the 14th!

3. Gucci Bamboo Strap Purse


Gucci’s bamboo strap purses have been a hallmark of runway shows across Europe since 1947, and their popularity shows no signs of waning. Since the strap is such a standout, you’ll want to choose a more plain-looking purse, like the one above, to balance it out. Your lovely lady will be the envy of all her friends if you surprise her with this gift!

4. Tiffany & Co. Yellow Diamond Necklace


Tiffany & Co.’s yellow diamonds provide a fiery boldness to otherwise classic-looking jewelry pieces, and these exquisite diamond necklaces are no exception. If your lady likes to rock the fashion boat in subtle ways, while still retaining an overall sense of conservative tastes, then one of these necklaces would be an ideal choice of gift.

5. Cartier Diamond Panther Ladies’ Watch


This diamond-paved watch case and panther shine brightly amidst a dark blue face with luscious green & gold jungle foliage to the side, creating the appearance of a majestic panther resting in a tree at night. Needless to say, this stunning creation is only a gift option for particularly wealthy gentlemen – but if you can afford it, it’ll all but guarantee that your girl has her most memorable Valentine’s Day ever!

Just remember that this is the one night of the year where you’re expected to behave like a true Casanova – so dress sharply, take her somewhere nice, and round off the evening by surprising her with one of these glorious presents! Whichever gift you end up choosing, you’re sure to send a clear message to your lover that you care about her deeply – and that message is sure to be reciprocated once you get home.

About the Author

Ryan Clark is the founder of Luxury Branded, a marketing company that caters to the luxury lifestyle industry. For Valentine’s Day this year, he’s planning on taking his lucky lady to a 5-star restaurant and giving her a designer handbag.