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Trojan Partners with Rapper Lil Dicky To Have “The Big Talk”

Imagine, for one moment, you are at a festival, and your buddy drops his dinner-to-go on the ground. Burrito guts go everywhere, but rather than joining the obnoxiously long line and ordering a new burrito, he scoops up the mess and scraps them into the wrapper, and eats it as if nothing happened; after, he posts a photo on social media, “This burrito is bae #YOLO” with it held up. You wouldn’t let him do it, right? So why do we think it’s ok to let our friends, or us, be that guy, and have unprotected sex?

Now, we’re not suggesting that your date is a washed up burrito, but do you know their history? If you won’t eat a simple burrito because it has hit the deck, you shouldn’t have unprotected sex, especially as it can result in HIV/AIDs. STD’s, and pregnancy; it might seem like old news, but most guys skip protection at one time or another. And that’s the problem; all it takes is one time. Now, no one is saying you shouldn’t have fun, after all, sex is a great way to kick back, but without protection, there’s no pleasure.

Trojan Partners with Rapper Lil Dicky To Have the “Talk”

Stop worrying about disease and pregnancy, and own your right to wear a condom. To tell you more, Trojan teamed up with rapper Lil Dicky to remind people that pleasure starts with protection, and it’s not what you’re expecting!

Trojan Partner’s with Rapper Lil Dicky To Have the “Talk”

Discussing sex is still a sensitive issue, if not an embarrassing one. Many have tried to make the issue easier to digest so it can be safer for those who wish to engage (let’s face it, everyone does), especially when it comes to condom usage, but few have the name or charisma of Lil Dicky. That is why a few geniuses at Trojan decided to tab Lil Dicky as their new face of the company to give everyone The Big Talk on condom usage and safe sex.

If you heard “Save Dat Money,” or “Ex-Boyfriend,” from his recent album “Professional Rapper,”  you know Lil Dicky has a unique style and sense of humor, which he is bringing to Trojan, and men around the world. In his new video, “The Big Talk with Lil Dicky,” kick back and wax neurotic with Lil Dicky about the importance of condoms and positive sex education in this witty viral sensation. You can check out this GIF too, from the video, to see his hands-on approach to the big talk.


In the Trojan spot, Lil Dicky’s deadpan wit defuses a serious topic—protection against STDs—while driving home the importance of the point, even as it plays on fear and stigma to move product. In fact, his wry kicker might best sum up the light, self-deprecating tone of the whole piece: “It’s so cool to be the guy who’s the face of a condom.” We definitely think you’ll get a kick out of this video, but we also think you will learn something new and refreshing in this reminder.

Lil Dickey kicked off spring break at Club La Vela in Panama City on March 25.