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The Best Men’s Products to take to the Beach

With summer right around the corner, your chances of hitting the beach just got higher! The good news is, you might have some time planned off work; looking forward to breaking out the ‘I’m doing nothing today’ card for a few days, but the grim news is that vacations are one of the worst offenders when it comes to corrupting male grooming habits. Don’t just take our word for it; wait till you see what’s going on…

Behind those idyllic blue waters and sandy beaches are a world filled with chemicals set on destroying all your hard work.

From salt water and chlorine, to UV rays, vacations can make us feel like a million dollars but feeling good and looking good do not always go hand-in-hand. Don’t make the same rooky mistakes that cost you nasty sunburn or dry, damaged hair last year, discover how to play it cool on the beach with some top tips from the Male Standard beach crew. These are our quintessential ‘desert island’ items that we wouldn’t be without!

Check out these five Holy Grail beach items for men:

1. Anthony Logistics for Men Oil Free Facial Lotion SPF 15

Anthony Logistics offers a full spectrum UVA and UVB protector that defends against the damaging sunrays, and comes in a non-greasy oil free formula. Unlike other sunscreens, this isn’t actually a sunscreen at all! This men’s super sensitive facial lotion contains everything you would want from a sunscreen, such as quality coverage, no fragrance, no irritants, or oil, but is actually a multipurpose product in disguise!

Containing Aloe Vera and Chamomile to soothe and hydrate, Glycerin, Grapefruit oil, and Mandarin to retain moisture and keep skin clean with natural astringents, and silk amino acids for fresher and more vibrant skin, Anthony Logistics is a must have beach product for all men! Imagine how drying the heat, sand and water on your face are. You need a deep moisturizing lotion that prevents and repairs skin on the beach, reducing those symptoms of damage and aging, not when you get home!

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2. Banana Boat Aloe Vera Sun Burn Relief Gel

You might think that sun protection is obvious, but so many guys forget to bring their own bottles of Aloe Vera to the beach. Not only is Banana Boat one of the cheapest Aloes’ out there but it’s also free from alcohol and other skin irritants. You can double Aloe up as an after-sun moisturizer to refresh from hitting the bar, and it makes a terrific (and natural) wet look hair gel when travelling light.

If you’re still not sold, Aloe has healing properties and is a powerful way to relieve sunburn or miscellaneous burns and bites from beach dwellers. You can keep it in the first aid kit, in the bathroom, and on the beach, and it still works. If you’re on vacation in a hot, humid and tropical climate, Aloe can also be used as a deep conditioner, or mixed with other products to offer heat protection and resistance against frizz and dry, damaged hair.

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3. Neutrogena Ultimate Sport

Neutrogena Ultimate Sport with helloplex technology comes in a spray bottle, so protecting the back and other hard to reach spots is easy. With SPF 70, this is a full factor sun block, which means no rays will filter through, but makes for a durable sun protector when playing sports on the beach. Save the tanning accelerators and lower SPF’s for when you can balance your time and strategic tanning positions.

This men’s formula is built to be sweat resistant, waterproof (though always reapply before going back into water), oil and PABA free (nasty chemicals and additives found in many commercial sun blocks), and is a sensitive skin formula that won’t make you break out. As your body needs protection from the sun, choose one that can provide quality protection all over the body without compromising on skin care.

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4. Not Your Mother’s Beach Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

You might be surprised to find that hanging out on a beach won’t necessarily give you beach hair; though it might be on the wild side. Not Your Mother’s Beach Texturizing Sea Salt spray is a great way to style and go. There’s no messy product coifing and styling involved, no heat applications, or standing around waiting for your hair products to dry. Simply add to wet or damp hair and let nature take care of the rest. Awesome vacation photos approved!

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5. Merkur Long Handled Chrome Safety Razor

When going on vacation, shaving is something that you might be wondering how to tackle with limited space. Cut down to the essentials, but do not forfeit on quality. A hardy razor like the Merkur used with Aloe Vera and water makes for a close shave when compared to disposable razors. You might not be able to take your regular electric razors with you unless packing extra power adaptors and even then, not all plug sockets work!

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What are your essential male grooming items when traveling? Do you take the same stuff you use at home, or are you super organized and have a back-up travel pack of mini grooming products? Whatever you do, make sure you are safe, stylish and ready for fun in the sun. Before you go, don’t forget to leave a comment below and tell us what you can’t leave home without!