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The Best Anti-Aging Supplements for Men

When looking to prevent the signs of aging, anti-aging supplements can be a worthwhile commodity to invest in as they help restore the natural protective qualities that keep our skin looking young, but knowing which ones is there to rob you of your money or can actually provide the results you need is risky business. How can you tell the difference between swindle tactics, over the essential amino acids and nutrients needed to defy gravity?

For the most part, sticking to reputable brand name with added active ingredients is your best bet. If it comes in a pill or you have to take a liquid, there will always be a chance it might be nothing more than sugar and water. Thankfully, while many try to cash in on these anti-aging wonders, there are tens of quality products on the male grooming market that are worth their weight in gold.

Let’s see what the Male Standard research team came up with!

1. CoQ10

Nature Made does not try to oversell their products, but rather focus on providing quality active ingredients proven to reduce the signs of aging. The active ingredient in this case being CoQ10, featured in the title and remarkably scarce ingredients list. This is exciting news, as you do not want tons of chemicals and preservative fillers; look for supplements that are natural for the most effective results.

CoQ10 is a facilitator, which helps your body process other essential nutrients more readily so you can attain faster results, helping in this case to move Vitamin A and E to the skin’s surface where it can repair and heal. This is exactly what they mean when they say beauty comes from the inside out! CoQ10 is also a potent immune booster, helping to provide better overall health to ensure younger, more durable skin.

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2. One Aspirin a Day

While it seems there is nothing Aspirin can’t tackle, few men think to take their doctors advice to start a one a day regime that can help prevent heart attacks and strokes. Furthermore, many do not realize the anti-ageing properties of Aspirin, which improves blood flow necessary for thicker, fuller hair and healthy skin. When you increase the blood flow, your body is able to deliver all the nutrients are supplied faster and able to start the healing process.

Increase your Aspirin allowance if possible to one a day, on your doctor’s advice, and look for other products such as shampoos and conditioners that stimulate blood flow. Many hair loss and hair thickening products contain different ingredients that boost the blood from outside the body creating a dual action response. When your blood is flowing, you automatically feel and act younger, gaining more energy in the process.

Note: Always talk to your doctor before starting an Aspirin regime.

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3. Fish Oil

If getting your five a day isn’t getting you in the mood to reverse the signs of aging, then adding a fish oil supplement to your diet can be the kick-start you’ve been looking for. Fish oil helps to protect skin and hair, making it more youthful due to its healing properties. It is also completely natural, and looking for a supplement high in Omega 3 means your skin and hair will regain a youthful glean. The shine in our hair and nails are from this natural oil.

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4. Antioxidants

If you have ever wondered why strange and exotic fruits and vegetables end up in many male grooming products, the answer is uncomplicated. Antioxidants. These are nature’s best defenders against the aging process. Anti-oxidants remove toxins, which cause skin damage, and help the body recover from chemical overload. Eating a balanced diet will help get you so far, but removing last night pub-crawl from your system is also worthwhile.

Look for male grooming products that contain specific extracts that can help you combat specific signs of aging for a custom treatment care plan that will tackle the problems you are facing. As everyone tends to age different, and at different speeds, knowing what your body needs is the best way to treat the effects. Increase your variety of fruits and vegetables to help get more of these naturally also.

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5. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a veritable anti-aging supplement that you can add to your grooming regime in place of conditioners and moisturizers. This works great for deep moisturizing and helping to repair and restore wrinkles and scarring. Use a spot treatment, or mix with carrier oil such as Jojoba oil for a full body treatment.  You can also eat coconut oil, and a tablespoon a day is enough to see sizeable changes. The list of benefits truly is endless, and all help defy aging!

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Supplementing Your Male Grooming Routine

What is truly exciting about anti-aging supplements is that they often work from inside out to give you results that are more diverse. While male grooming products will help you look and feel younger, the effects will not be as long-lasting or as far-reaching. There comes a time in every man’s life when a lifestyle change is in order, but embracing these changes doesn’t have to be complex or costly.

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