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The Real Reasons Some Men Think They Love Cars More Than Women

Men love cars. It’s no secret. From the moment these tin creations burst into the landscape, they forever changed how we see the world. From the pick of planes and trains and boats, its the humble automobile that’s parked in our driveways. They let us go further and faster than we thought possible. They created road trips, affordable vacations, and even jobs. Cars also contribute heavily to our economy, and can be found in sports such as NASCAR. Cars are everywhere, and for some very good and useful reasons, but none more so than our undeniable love – and lust – for them. If it was a choice of never dating again or driving a supercar, for many men the answer is obvious. But what exactly is it about these stunning objects that drive us wild with passion? What is it about a simple car that would make so many guys turn down the dating gears for a chance to get committed to machinery?

The Intense Attraction…

Cars and women have a lot in common visually, but our attraction to cars is usually incredibly intense and longer lasting than that of the opposite sex. If you’ve gasped as a Murcielago flew by, you know exactly what we’re talking about. The shape and curves of supercars mimics the mating calls of the female body and form, but in a timeless, classical way. Plus, many cars don’t run the risk of aging badly, and as luck would have it, some even look better as they mature – with your appreciation only bonding you closer. That’s not to say love is based on lust, but it’s an honest place to start. When you have this deeply physiological and seductive exterior that makes your engines rev, with a guarantee it will always be that way, there’s a fair chance the spark will remain ignited. Can you say the same about your hots for your ex? We didn’t think so.

The Freedom & Adventure…

A car inherently gives a man freedom–who else will take you where you need to go, when you need to be there, and generally be available at your beck and call without so much as a blink of the eye? Cars represent more than transportation to men, and this link will not quickly be broken. Unlike relationships that can go flatter than a bottle of soda, each time you step into an awaiting car there’s a whisper of ‘what more.’ The engine hums a lullaby reminding you can go anywhere you desire. Don’t have that kind of schedule? Put the pedal to the metal and get a fix. While we tend to think of cars as just being transport, there’s a reason why we don’t all drive the same vehicle. We want to go off road. We want to go long distances in luxury. We want to get down and dirty in the mud – even if she rolls her eyes. Cars are equipped to handle all of this and more, and you can tell they want it as much as you do.

The Relationship Factor…

Cars provide a relationship that is stable, predictable and, in a word, easy. Not only does a car provide men with control over where they go and when, it offers a relationship. During those single seasons, you don’t have to go it alone as a car owner. That intense attraction we told you about? The correct car will also make your friends heads turn fo all the right reasons. Looking for a wingman? Call us shallow, but the right car can make all the difference in who you date. It’s also no secret that our first loves are attached to the key fob handed to us in our teens. The memories, the miles, those are experiences you can’t replace. Remeber the first time you turned on a car? We bet it was way more successful and satisfying than the first time you turned on a women. Just saying. Cars might give it up way to easily, but they’re only giving you want you know you want. We can’t fault them for that.

BMW 3 Series Coupe 2014

The Desire to Nurture…

According to a recent study for the Journal of Consumer Research, men especially have a “profound need to value, to find things in the world which we can care for.” Businesses like United BMW, an online car parts and accessories store, were born out of this need that men have to constantly enhance and care for their cars. It’s no use just buying a car. The real love of car ownership comes from how you spend your quality time together. Detailing, customizing, it’s all bonding time between the sheets (metal, that is). Even if there wasn’t another person in the world, you would have something to care for. Cars require maintenance, and TLC to keep them ticking. And it’s a labor of love. There’s a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that comes with learning how to change your oil or your first blown tire. It’s not unlike becoming a dad in some respects.

Building an Identity…

Our vehicles feel part of ourselves. According to a recent study in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, possessions can become a part of our self-identity and so we tend to care for cars like we do us. Why are luxury cars like Lexus and sports cars like the Mustang so popular among men? Probably because they want to see themselves as these brands are portrayed–impressive, dynamic, and powerful, to the outside world. Prefer riding high in a jacked up truck? You’re the confident outgoing guy of the group. But here’s the kicker. Cars don’t say no. So while having the hottest/smartest/sassiest gal on your arm could say all of this for you, what’s to say she wants you? Cars come with an owners manual and an unwavering commitment. The image you project won’t change over time, and it won’t be affected by independent choices. With a car, you get what you pay for – not something you’d want to brag about a girlfriend.

The Male Standard Verdict?

BMW 3 Series Coupe 2014

While there will always be an undeniable bond between man and car, it goes without saying that women have their own pride and place in our hearts. This is why cars have a passenger seat – they were made for two. When you find the right women, sharing your car will be the ultimate test. Can you hand over they keys and let her take it for a spin? If yes, she’s probably a keeper. Your car will become the vessel that will take you on the ride of your life, and can grow with you to accommodate your growing family. If you pay close attention, you can read back on these thoughts as tips for finding your rider. If she looks good and plays hard, can go the distance, and returns your desire to nurture and love, the skies the limit. A car can only take you so far before it runs out of gas – so be a good sport and shop around for a sexy counterpart who can take the wheel with both hands.

Leave a comment below and let Male Standard know what you love about cars more than women – is it the ability to get ready for a hot date at the turn of a key, or what. Let us know!