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The Best Summer Sunglasses for Men

Sunglasses are the symbol of summer. Whether you are looking to accent your outfit, or protect your eyes, choosing the right pair is as simple as ensuring they protect against harmful UV rays and finding the best fit for your face. Not all sunglasses offer complete protection, so always be sure to read the label first before shelling out. While they might look good on, not all sunglasses can help you to see well. Why settle for less?

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Kayne West shows us how to suit up, boot up, and get sunglasses right!

Three simple things to keep in mind when buying sunglasses:

  • Are the brand reputable (can you count on their protection)?
  • Will they provide full eye coverage against soaring sunrays this summer?
  • Do they make you feel and look good (not all styles fit every man)?

Want to know which sunglasses Male Standard is sporting this summer? Check out these top three picks for our summer style inspiration!

Oakley Radar Pitch Polarized Lenses

If you are planning to get active or outdoorsy this summer, choose a brand who can keep up the pace. These super durable Oakley Radar Pitch Polarized Lenses are the perfect choice when looking for sunglasses that actually protect your eyes. These are OSHA standard, so if you work outdoors or with tools, you’ll be covered. These lenses are also impact resistant and meet ANSI standards for high mass and high velocity impacts making them ideal for active men.

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What we like about these Oakley’s is that they have a three-point comfort design, which means they won’t give you a headache. They are lightweight; there is no pinching on the bridge of the nose, or sliding around on your face while trying to work. They have super wide lenses to give you complete sun protection, and prevent UV, UVB, and UVC harmful rays from damaging your eyes, making them one of most safest sunglasses on the plant!

Plus, we think they look awesome and are a great fit for most men!

Ray Ban Square Sunglasses

If you’re looking for a classic set of sunglasses that are going to be huge this summer, then look no further than Ray Ban. While there are no doubt tons of knock offs on the market, these are one of those staple wardrobe items you should splurge on. With composite frames, lenses, and UV 400 protection, your eyes will thank you. In addition, what most men fail to realize is that counterfeit sunglasses almost never provide protection or durability.

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While you might think spending more than $10 at a gas station is an “investment,” these style never goes out of fashion. Plus, one set can last you years, making them the true reason why so many celebs are spotted wearing these year after year. What we love about Ray Bans is that they go with everything! From suits and ties, to swimwear, they never look out of place and suit your girl as well as they do you. What are you waiting for?

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Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses

Another staple collection from Ray Ban, the classic aviators have been given a facelift for this summer with thicker rims, newer metal framing and a wider selection of color options. These are a great choice for summer and come in brushed bronze, gunmetal grey, metallic, tinted lenses, and traditional black, making them extremely versatile. These are also a little more formal than the square sets, but are great for men with impeccable style.

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You get 100% UV protection, wide shaped lenses that are more forgiving on the face, and a durability that is hard to match. Each set comes with a leather branded carry case, perfect for storing in the car (as heat can damage sunglasses quickly), and a glass cleaning cloth to make sure they are always in perfect condition. These are our go to for almost any occasion, and we love the entire range.

This is our top pick to buy in multi-shades!

Choosing the Right Sunglasses for You!

When it comes to finding the right sunglasses for you, there are a few extra points you can take into consideration. Style is something we can all call our own, so looking at different colors and accenting your wardrobe with the right finish is a simple way to really “own” your sunglasses this summer. Choosing more than one pair also gives you more options, as you can mix and match as you please. If you find a style that you love, don’t be scared to reach out and buy them in different colors. This will really make your wardrobe pop!

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Rapper Jay Z with gold accent trims from Louis Vuitton

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