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The Best Summer Colognes For Men

Summer may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have time to pick out an awesome summer fragrance.  Hey, they’re probably all on sale now!

Here are the best summer colognes you should try:

Something Citrusy

Burberry Brit Summer Edition for Men- $65
Why should you buy this?  Burberry Brit Summer is a great scent for anyone looking for a cologne that is slightly citrusy and not overly floral.  It includes lime, ginger and cardamom tones, with woody and musky notes.  It is similar to Burberry Brit for Men 2004 edition.

Something Calm

CK Calvin Klein One Summer 2012- $50
Why should you buy this?
One summer is perfect for a shy guy.  It combines cucumber, lime and blue mint with undertones of fresh water, lotus, apples and rosemary and a base of sea moss and rum.  This perfume is quiet, but very nice.

Something Fresh

Davidoff Cool Water Eau de Toilette Spray for Men- $30
Why should you buy this?  This classic “aquatic” scent is great for anyone looking for a fresh, light, minty fragrance.  It is also one of the more affordable colognes, usually priced under $30.

Something Cheap

Old Spice Komodo Body Spray- $5
Why should you buy this?  There is nothing wrong with being on a budget.  Most of us are these days.  Old Spice is a tried and true brand as far as men’s fragrances go.  Komodo is one of Old Spice’s newer scents from their Fresh Collection.  It is said to be somewhat similar to Giorgio Armani’s Acqua di Gio, a heavily citrusy cologne with floral and nutty undertones and an amber base.

Something Beachy

Demeter Fragrance Salt Air Cologne Spray- $25
Why should you buy this?  If you loved Kramer’s beach cologne idea on Seinfeld, this cologne was made especially for you.  Okay, not especially.  But you are in their target market.

Something Nerdy

PATRIOT Cologne- Avengers Captain America Cologne- $20

Why should you buy this?  If you are a super geek, you probably already have it.  If you are a nerd that just learned about it by reading this, you are probably buying it now.  Geeks don’t need much convincing to buy geek merchandise.  But in case you were wondering, it’s a cologne inspired by The Avengers, specifically Cap, with notes of lime and white pepper and undertones of sandalwood and tequila.  Sounds hot to me.

Something Simple

Lacoste essential by Lacoste for men-
Why should you buy this?  Think about what Lacoste is known for:  polo shirts.  Polo shirts are kind of… well… they’re kind of safe.  Some might even venture to say boring.  That’s how you might describe this fragrance.  If you are looking for something neutral that won’t cause a fuss at work, this is a great buy.  If you are looking for something you can always depend on that won’t cost a fortune, get this.  You won’t end up having to buy a cologne for every occasion either.  The ingredients are citruses and fruits.

Something Sweet

Diesel Only The Brave
Why should you buy this?  Raspberry may not sound too manly, but this popular, powerful cologne (whose top note is, in fact, raspberry) might just change your mind.  Fuel for Life is great for a night out as it stays on longer than most fragrances.  Also, the sweet, alluring scent is pretty attractive.  This one is a must buy.

Something Sporty

Dior Homme Sport 2012- $60
Why should you buy this?  A tweak of a 2008 hit, Dior Homme Sport is a ginger, lemon and iris based cologne with some notes of greenery.  Fans of sporty or manly-man colognes will love it.

Last but not least…

The Big Splurge You Won’t Regret

A*Men Pure Havane by Thierry Mugler- $230
Why should you buy this?  Based on an inspiration of fresh tobacco and honey followed by hints of patchouli, vanilla and bitter cocoa.  Obviously this purchase is not for everyone, but this cologne is revered in the fragrance world.  It can be used all year, day or night, so splurging on this cologne would not be a waste.