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The Best Places to Take Your Girl To – As Taught By HIMYM

Since it started rolling in 2005, the sitcom How I Met Your Mother has gathered a strong following, contributing to pop culture with its legend…wait for it…dary, legendary quotes and punch lines. Being a fan, I say that what makes the show effective is its humorous take on reality. A lot of us can relate to the feeling of being surrounded by friends while we go searching for the right career path and of course, “the one.” There are several things about dating and relationships that HIMYM has imparted to its audience, and if you look closer, you can actually come up with a list of love tips. Here, I have collected the best places that a man can take his woman to as conveyed by the sitcom. This is from girl’s point of view, so guys, buckle up.


Taking a girl to a bar on your first date is not always ideal. Nevertheless, there is a symbolism here. You see, a good number of scenes in the series is set in MacLaren’s Pub, the bar where the main characters, Ted, Lily, Marshall, Barney, and Robin often hangout to talk about their day at work, their plans, their family drama. So when you feel like you are dating a girl that you can be truly proud of, take her to see your friends. Your group’s favourite hangout may be a bar or a coffee shop. Either way, taking a girl to your intimate rendezvous to meet your friends would mean a lot to her. She may be overwhelmed by questions but it would also make her feel special. Not every guy is willing to do this to a girl. After all, allowing the girl you are impressing talk to the people who have seen you get drunk takes more courage than you might be expecting.

Laser Tag Field

Laser tag is one of the things that Barney Stinson is known for. He’s so passionate about it that he never takes anybody with him to the game unless it’s someone really close. For most part of the series, Barney was not such a good example of what a boyfriend should be. However, you can take his treatment with laser tag as an inspiration. Take your girl somewhere where you can bring out the kid in you. This will make her feel that you are willing to let your guard down with her around. Being in venues where you can show off your physical skills is also a great way to impress her. Plus, isn’t it just amazing and perhaps entertaining to see a girl sweat it out in the field?

At The Rooftop

By the name itself, this one spells romantic. From the mysterious Slutty Pumpkin to Jen, the cat lover, to his true love, Robin Scherbatsky, it’s apparent how Ted Mosby often resorts to taking romance the next level by inviting a girl up to the rooftop. To add, it’s also at a rooftop where Barney finally proposed to Robin. However, these are not at all surprising. Rooftops are where you and your date can get a splendid view of the city lights or the breath-taking full moon. If a girl likes and trusts you enough, she’ll definitely brave the steep ladder just to make it to the top and have a nice talk with you. Who knows? You may even get more than just great conversation in the end.

Your Friend’s Wedding

Now this is very crucial. In the series, there was a scene where Lily lectured Ted about bringing a date to her and Marshall’s wedding. No doubt she had a point! If you are single and invited to a wedding happening four months down the road, you can always say you’re bringing a date that you have not yet identified at the moment. However, if you are currently dating someone, saying that you will be attending the wedding with that girl means that you believe you will still be together four months from now. That’s not a big deal if you have been dating for years, but if you have just started getting serious, that’s definitely something a girl would totally appreciate.


Before Marshall Erikson and Lily Aldrin finally got their church wedding, they said their vows in front of a captain at a private boat in Atlantic City. It was one of the most romantic scenes in the whole series but the events leading to it were crazy and chaotic. Dare to take your woman to an evening of unconventional fun. Explore the Sin City or explore any San Diego casino, dining like a royalty and getting entertained while enjoying each other’s company. Casino scenes are often present in HIMYM and all of which never fail to bring a good laugh to the audience. After all, getting wild with somebody who you really like is an experience worth trying and remembering.

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