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The Best Loafers for Men

If you’ve ever wanted to wear your slippers outdoors, or walk a mile in Hugh Hefner’s boat shoes, then we have just the ticket for you old boy. Presenting, the best loafers for men by Male Standard! Loafers are like slippers you can wear out to formal functions. They are super comfortable but add an air of sophistication to spring and summer outfits. Typically made from soft leather or suede, the best loafers for men will last a lifetime and are worn during dry seasons.

Below are three of the best loafers for men!

Fulinken Men’s Leather Slip-on Shoes

Boasting 22 colors, with a classic moccasin design, these men’s loafers are a fabulous choice for the man who knows what he likes and who wants one in every shade! Featuring genuine leather suede and leather soles, these are the best loafers for men who want a driving shoe that is comfortable yet durable. Wear these with everything from chinos to jeans for a sophisticated yet semi-casual look. We love the dark blue for a nautical theme!

Fulinken Men’s Leather Slip-on Shoes

Top Tip: Loafers can be worn without socks, unless your Michael Jackson. Linen or chino trousers are best for spring or summer and wool or denim are fine in the cooler months, but in any case, make sure they taper in near the ankle or leave a slight gap.

Crocs Santa Cruz 2

The best loafers for men who work on their feet are these durable Crocs. The relaxed canvas upper is a loafer style with a round toe for all day comfort. Think surgeons, teachers, office workers, or hairdressers. However you spend your day, these loafers will make you look and feel good. The 2.0 version borrows heavily from every guy’s favorite loafer – the original Santa Cruz. Crocs is giving you another option with all of the casual attitude you love – with some great updates inside and out.

crocs Men’s Santa Cruz 2 Luxe Loafer

Top tip: The knack lies in choosing a style that suits the rest of your look. It’s easy to consider loafers as a big style statement, and for those that wear them as one, they invariably go too far. Zebra print, absurd tassels, Cuban heels, tacky detailing. Keep it simple.

Rockport Men’s Commercial Director Penny Loafer

For a more formal take, consider these Rockport commercial director loafers. Make from medium-soft leather, these will stand up on the golf course and in the boardroom. Featuring a true to form penny loafer moccasin toe and logo embossed heel counter, and shock-absorbing ADIPRENE by Adidas technology throughout. Rockport has always been one step ahead of the times, believing the perfect shoe has not yet been invented.

Rockport Men’s Commercial Director Penny Loafer

Top tip: It’s a failsafe rule that you should never scrimp on leather shoes, but with loafers, it’s even more important. If you’re sockless the heat (and sweat) will get to the leather more quickly, so if it’s cheap, the shoes simply won’t last as long.

We hope you enjoyed our take on the best loafers for men! Let us know what brands you love!