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The Best Leather Shoes for Men

Every man should own at least one pair of the best leather shoes for men. This investment can provide you with years of use and are a closet staple. While leather shoes may cost you a little more than some shoes, the leather will stretch and mold around your foot. This gives them a customized level of comfort, and an unbeatable feeling every man should experience at once in his life. Just make sure it’s the real deal! When looking for a quality pair of leather shoes, avoid faux or fake leather. While these can be budget friendly, they will not do your feet any good. Faux leather will make your feet sweat and does not have the porous quality of 100% leather. Faux leather shoes typically use less than stellar synthetic linings that cause excessive sweat and foot odor and can be uncomfortable and damaging to your feet. To help make sure you always put your best foot forward, Male Standard has researched the best leather shoes for men.

1.  Allen Edmond’s New Orleans Oxford

View The Stitching in HD Here.

Oxford is a classic leather men’s shoe style, which complement formal occasions. However, that doesn’t mean you should keep them stored in the back of your closet. By adding in a unique signature leather-stitching pattern, as shown in this Allen Edmond’s New Orleans pair, you can expect to turn heads every day. These are a perfect compromise on a traditional style, with a more relaxed and modern twist. Available in black weave (as shown), walnut brown, and black, these showstoppers can be worn with linens and khakis in summer for that fresh New Orleans look. They also work well as an accent piece, to liven up a dull suit, or as a contrast piece when worn with skinny jeans and a blazer. You would be amazed at how many different ensembles Oxfords work with, and many men become loyal fans. Plus, as these are 100% leather and a fully lined leather interior, you can bet they’ll last forever!


2. Lacoste Men’s Argon Lexi Slip

Loafers are another classic leather shoe style for men, which offer comfort and style. These Lacoste Men’s Argon Lexi Slips come in black (as shown), brown, cream, tan, and burgundy making them ideal for all-year use, in multiple formal and casual situations. Whether sporting on the golf course, or hanging out with friends, loafers are a leather shoe that can keep up with your daily grind. Lacoste create high-end sporting goods, and have incorporated their bespoke technology into regular footwear; these won’t let you down. With 100% real leather and a fitted rubber sole for comfort, these are remarkably wearable. Loafers make fabulous additions to a weekend closet, where the active man needs something more refined than sneakers, but without compromising on durability.

3. Nike Men’s Sweet Leather Classic

If you think leather shoes are reserved for stiffs in suits, then think again. The Nike Classic is one of the most revered shoes of all time, and for good reason. These are not only a classic style that will be around for decades, but are incredibly comfortable and durable. In a range of colors from white, black, gray, and blue and yellow accenting, there is a color combination for every man. All are 100% real leather, and texture lining for a custom fit. The Nike Sweet Leather Classic is also one of the most flexible styles around, second only to Converse. You can wear these bad boys with a suit and tie, like Jay Z, or with your basketball shorts on the weekend. It all comes down to your color choice, and the attitude you bring with wearing them. Feeling bold? Grab a statement set to accent your lifestyle. Looking for comfort and durability? Go with the black leather, and still stand out. As these go in and out of production, finding them is becoming harder. They are also highly collectible, so don’t forget to grab a pair today.

4. Timberland Scuff Proof Leather Boots

No man should be without a pair of sturdy boots. While Timberland are undoubtedly one of the best providers of casual and work wear boots, these Scuff Proof Leather Boots go above the call of duty. With 100% leather and scuff proof resistant material, these will always look like you pulled them fresh out of the box. The anti-fatigue midsole absorb shock, making these terrific for active men, who needs support. Available in classic tan (as shown), black, brown, and gray, finding a pair to meet your needs is easy. The 6 inch fit means you get ample ankle support, without having to battle miles of lace, and the fitted tops are what make Timms so comfortable. These won’t rub against your calves, causing skin irritation or sores. The new style branding is also a neat touch, and at the same price as regular Timberland boots, these are a steal!

5. Reefs Men’s Leather Sandals

With summer around the corner, investing in a pair of leather sandals is a fantastic idea. While gas station flip-flops might get you to the beach and back, they won’t provide any support or comfort. Reef has come up with a surfer style sandal that lasts through the seasons, and as they are 100% genuine leather, will deal with foot odor and being wet more forgiving than fabric and plastic shoes. Plus, if you add up how much you spend replacing those tired out plastic flip-flops, we bet you will agree these are the real bargain!

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