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The Best Leather Handbags for Men

Remember when Joey from Friends decided to get a handbag – sorry, man bag, and everyone laughed at him, only to realize it’s like the most practical thing ever? It all started because he was looking for an accent piece for an audition. Being that everyone was bound to be wearing a hat (even the extra in the shot, or is that some funky residual 90’s hair?), he wanted something different, and it paid off.

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Bags are handy, but that doesn’t automatically make them trendy. Fashion does not play by comfort rules, and having an accessory for no reason than having that item often takes pride of place. However, the man bag is something Male Standard stands behind/beside, we haven’t figured out the details yet, and think more men should consider going leather. Not only will it pull together an outfit, but also it’s incredibly practical and can save you thousands of dollars!

Don’t believe us? Find out why we think these are the best leather handbags for men…

The Cenzo Leather Duffle Bag for Men

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If you’re planning on travelling this summer, then investing in a reliable weekend back is a terrific investment. Simply sling your products into these handheld bags, and not worry about paying extra handling costs. Most weekend bags can carry about a weeks’ worth of clothing; more than enough to see you through that trip to Mexico. The choice of strap or handles means you can keep your luggage as convenient or as close as desired, so nothing goes missing.

Plus, there’s just something about unpacking a designer leather bag in a penthouse room that is incredible sensual.

The Italian Leather Messenger Bag

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Messenger bags are not just for newspaper boys; they make perfect laptop bags, and add a dash of class to boring old office wear. Think about it, a traditional backpack is going to look to casual and sporty for the staff meeting. This way, you can still go hands free, but know that your stuff is protected, and those papers remain in place. Men of all ages should have at least one leather messenger bag at their disposal.

Trust us on this one, your laptop will thank you when it’s no longer beaten up on the daily commute.

The Vagabond Traveler CEO Bag

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The awesome thing about leathers bags are that they come in a great collection of styles and finishes. If a high sheen is too mature or too fancy for you, then look for one that has a faded appearance for military chic. These vintage bags can also be found for some spare change in local thrift stores, and add a masculine vibe to both office wear and casual wear. This one harks back to WW1, where basic medical supplies were carried at all times.

Take this one to the beach, to the bar, or to the library. Its multifunction means you’ll never be without more hands to put stuff.

The Heritage Leather Duffle Bag

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How many times have you landed in the airport to find it’s actually your stuff that came lose and is now spinning round on the carousel? If this has never happened to you, trust me when I say it can and will happen. Airports care less about your luggage than they do about getting you to your destination on time. A leather duffle bag is not only stylish, but also incredibly practical and durable. Being beaten up only adds to the charm to this unique commodity.

Trade in a fabric duffle bag for a leather one and you will immediately feel more accomplished and successful; even when sitting in economy.

The V.T Full Leather Sport Motor Handbag for Men

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Leather bags are a big hit within the sporting communities as the leather proved durable (traditionally in motor racing). These bags would be filled with lunch, and other items needed for a hard day racing, and could be carried or slung over one shoulder. Whether you’re a regular gym goer, or prefer to get out on a real bike, this is a fantastic way to stay organized, and keep all your grooming necessities to hand.

Once you get over the fact that handbags aren’t just a woman’s accessory, you get past the ambiguity and may be pleasantly surprised there are tons of versatile bags on the market, which meet the demands of today’s modern man. Now is a fantastic time to upgrade the basic backpack into something more becoming. Don’t forget to leave a comment below and let us know if you’ve ever considered owning a bag, or which one you regularly use.

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