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The Best Green Grooming Products for Men

When it comes to male grooming, looking good and feeling good should be at the top of your agenda. However, what if there was a way to achieve all that and more? Often, the products that we turn to from big brand names actually contain tons of chemicals. These can dry out and damage sensitive skin on the weaker end, but in some cases, after prolonged use, they can cause devastating health concerns.

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This is why more men are turning to green grooming products. These contain vegan or natural ingredients that do not contain any added chemicals. They may also come from a company who supports the environment, and seeks to find ways to reduce their impact on our environment in meaningful accomplishments. What we love about natural products is that they are perfect for both your skin and your community.

Here at Male Standard, we are all about that! So let’s look at which products can help you look and feel good, completely guilt free!

Our Top Three Green Grooming Suggestions for Men!

While there are tons of new products coming onto the market, we choose these because they have active ingredients, and actually work. While we love to be good to Mother Nature, we also understand that you need products that are going to do what they say. Below are not the usual organic products, but a selection of premium product lines that could compete on their own that happen to be highly efficient, and environmentally friendly.

That, as they say, is a win for all!

1. Harmonic Shampoo and Conditioner

Harmonic Shampoo and conditioner are an antioxidant rich formula that is perfect for all hair types. Unlike many traditional shampoos and conditioners, these do not contain harmful ingredients. So much so, that the creators even recommend that you eat your shampoo before using it. Yes, you heard us right. This product is so natural and green, that you can safely eat it knowing there will be no ill effects. Who’s up for the challenge first?

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The active ingredients are peppermint and rosemary, making this a great way to prevent dandruff, while naturally cleansing your hair. As an added bonus, you will also receive natural oils that can help protect and strengthen your hair, leaving it soft, shiny, and more manageable during summer. The bottles are also made from recycled plastic, and you can send them back to Harmonic for them to use again.

2. Pangaea Organics Soap Bar for Men


What could be greener than something named after the earth? For those of you who skipped geography class that day, Pangaea was the form the earth took before it sectioned off into different continents. This is a cold pressed soap, so none of the active ingredients has been killed off during high chemical treatments, and it arrives in a planter box that you can grow your own Amaranth flowers from.

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What we love about this green product is the time and consideration that has gone into creating a remarkable cleansing agent. With tons of antioxidants and healing ingredients, and added antiseptic and moisturizers for sensitive skin, this is a fantastic multipurpose product suited for men with all skin types. There is little to no fragrance, but it will leave you feeling squeaky-clean!

3.  John Masters Bourbon and Vanilla Hair Texturizer


The entire John Masters product range is extremely green, and is designed for men who are looking for a dynamic product line. With anti-aging serums, to follicle stimulants, there is something for every environmentally friendly man. Our top pick is the hair texturizer which break the myth than green products smell like Hemp, and features a warm, musky vanilla with a touch of bourbon for the sensual gentlemen amongst us.

Find out more about the fragrance here.

While texturizers are a fantastic way to add volume and thickness to your hair, they do often contain one of the highest chemical contents. In order for hair products to work effectively for the consumer and the company, chemicals offer a radical shortcut that can actually lead to hair loss and hair thinning. Choosing an all-natural styling product will help protect your hair pro-actively without worry.

We Want to Know, Will You Be Going Green?

We want to know what you think about natural products! Are they something you use but dislike buying? Do you think they are overpriced or hard to find? Does it even matter what is inside when the product works? Let us know! We want to get to the bottom of this new and exciting discovery, and find out what you Green Standard is! We’ll also be testing some green products, putting them head to head with their chemical competitors, so stick around!

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