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The Best DIY Hair Dyes for Men


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You might think that going to a salon is the only way to cover up greying hair, try out new color, or bring to life a thinning mane, but DIY hair kits are easy, budget-friendly options that are even more popular for men who want to take control of their hair at home. With many products retailing for less than $10, this is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to try out a new look without worrying about the economical fallout.

A basic run down on how to apply hair dye usually goes a little something like this, although don’t forget to read the pack to double check; mix all the ingredients except the conditioner in the largest bottle, shake well for at least 30 seconds, apply to dry hair. You might want to wear the gloves and some old rags to keep things clean. Next, leave the dye in for between 10-30 minutes depending on the brand. Wash out in the shower with your regular shampoo and add the conditioning serum in after, for about 2-3 minutes, wash out and dry your hair. Simple!

We hit the shops to find out which products are worthy of our Best DIY Hair Dyes For Men title, and to show you some simple application techniques that offer professional results.

How to Cover Men’s Grey Hair

For many men, turning gray is not something they want to admit. While the best DIY hair dyes might not be on your must have list, investing in a quality dye can help turn back the years and prevent those annoying silver spots from shining through. Here are our top five picks for great coverage, each one has conditioning as standard and can help protect your hair from the elements. We have also added some that have awesome, daring color, as well as a few for investing in a trendy summer style so you have every base covered!

Top Pick: Clairol Natural Instincts for Men

You might remember that ads on TV for Clairol’s for Men were outdated, clichéd and advertised for those headed into retirement, but try to set aside those preconceived notions. Clairol might be behind in advertising, but they know how to make a quality product. Clairol are our top pick because they use the least amount of chemicals, understanding how to condition your hair and have great coverage – they really are an all-in-one deal.

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Check out the before and after coverage here.

The Compromise: Just for Men Hair Color

Just for men is another traditional and trustworthy choice for the weary consumer, and have been offering hair products for decades. The difference with Just for Men is that they offer a natural color, so if you don’t want or don’t need total coverage or the impression that you pulled your color from a bottle then this is a great compromise.

Find out how they target grey hair for a natural effect here. They also offer an awesome beard and moustache color-kit here that can help keep you looking svelte.

For the Daring: Loreal Feria

The L’Oreal Feria range is a unisex hair dye that offers modern hair dye colors with plenty of nutrients and conditioning treatments. From wicked blues and reds, to daring blondes, this modern selection really fits the bill. Moreover, the unique dye actually creates highlights without having to do anything technical or complicated. Just apply, wash out and you are done!

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The bleach blonde lightning kit is one of our summer favorites!

The Outrageous: Manic Panic

Manic Panic made a huge impact back in the 90’s with their wacky assortment of hair colors that are best suited for those who still listen to punk and know where to find their local raves. If that didn’t turn you away, these organic products are a fun way to add a dash of temporary color. They do wash out and need to be applied more often but they won’t be as damaging as other dyes.

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Check out the full range of colors here – they also make for awesome accent colors!

The Reliable: Coloring Afro-American Hair

Afro-American hair has a different structure than the majority of hair types, and anyone blessed with this thick, yet unruly hair understands that chemicals can become a risky business that has irreversible results. We found Manly Guy to have the perfect solution, no chemicals at all! You can color your hair and beard with the same application, and the natural ingredients won’t frizz up or damage your hair. It is also available in an assortment of colors to suit your natural skin tone perfectly.

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Stop Forgetting to Condition Colored Hair!

Now that your hair is colored just how you want it, the way to thicker, fuller hair doesn’t end there. Add a weekly conditioning treatment such as ORB’s Organic Root Stimulator that helps hair growth improve, or It’s a 10 Miracle Deep Conditioner for all hair types (with added keratin to help replace the protein in your hair) into your usual routine. These will help prevent damage, and should be used with a special color saving shampoo and conditioner to help make your color stick around. You can pick up all of these products online or at your local grocery store.

Note: You should always follow the specific instructions on any of the products we recommend, we cannot afford to hire lawyers if your hair falls out!

So are you considering turning a different shade this season? Let us know by leaving a comment below (before and after pics will earn you extra kudos from the Male Standard staff!).