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So You’re Back In The Dating World – What Makes A Sensational Condom?

So you’re back in the dating world – what makes a satisfying condom? When it comes to condoms, every guy has his own favourites and preferences. One person might like a ribbed mint flavour condom, maybe your friend won’t be able to get enough of a chocolate-flavour ultra-thin condom. Then there are the people who just couldn’t care less so long as it’s wrapped up to deter from ‘Plan B’ pregnancy scares! We’re all for protective sex, but if you’re looking to find out what makes a sensational condom while you’re out on the dating scene, here’s what we’ve found…

Feather Condoms Are Essential

Everyone wants sensational sex – that’s a certified statement for guys and girls. So to help avoid bad sex experiences, you’ll need to find a condom that scores highly on the sensation front. Ultra-thin condoms are the best condoms for maintaining that desired level of sensation and intimacy s they feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. Look for ‘feather’ condoms which are thinner than regular condoms as these will help keep things feeling pleasurable. Ribbed condoms also score high as they can help heighten the sexual experience, especially for her.

Exotic Tastes Can Lift The Mood 

Condoms aren’t usually considered a ‘mood-lifter’ but flavoured condoms can help raise a smile (if not, something else). Go for the classics strawberry, chocolate, and mint if you want her to indulge you in some oral sex, or mix it up with flavours like bubblegum, cola, and blueberry if she wants to try something new. One thing’s for sure, we doubt you’ll feel the need to reach for a bar of chocolate after the experience!

Go On Your Date With In-date Condoms

Maybe it’s been a while since you got lucky, or maybe you’ve just discovered a condom in your wallet that you’d forgotten you had. Either way, make sure you check the use by date before you go ahead and reveal it at the crucial moment. An old condom isn’t exactly going to go down well (no pun intended) in a moment of passion, and certainly makes for a bad condom when it comes to the dating scene (you don’t want her to know it’s been a while). Older condoms can tear, and won’t provide protection. Fold a condom packet in half to see if there is an air bubble, this will tell you if the packaging is in tact. If it doesn’t bubble when folded, choose a newer condom.

Free Condoms Are Perfect For Singles 

No one likes forking out cash if they can help it. Plus, it’s a well-documented fact that money worries can lead to stress and depression, which in turn can make you less likely to want sex. If you’re aged 25 and under, you can get hold of free condoms from your local safe sex clinic to stave off the doom and gloom! However, as you may know, free condoms aren’t always the most forgiving fit. If in doubt, invest in your most preferred condom so that can score you on the dating scene!