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The Top Five Male Fashion Faves & Fails from the VMA’s

The VMA’s are notoriously well know and celebrated for their celebrity antics, but this year, Male Standard saw men’s fashion hit the low notes. With top male fashion contributors coming from Justin Timberlake, Kayne West, and new beaux on the block, Future, not all of the male celebs on the red carpet were at the top of their game. Drake went with demure, Robin Thicke got caught up in Miley, and Daft Punk made us ask if they had gotten ready with Lady Gaga and her sparkling entourage. We went behind the scenes to find out where the stars went right, and how some could have drastically improved their less than stellar outfits with some minor adjustments you can take back into your daily life.

Keep It Classy Not Clashey, Robin Thicke

OK, so not exactly accurate, but this is all we remember.

While the whole world is getting twisted over Miley’s twerking, we couldn’t help but notice Robin Thicke for all the wrong reasons. This Beetlejuice inspired get-up won him no favors with the critiques. The bold monochromatic stripes make his body look oddly out of proportion, and the tacky gold chain should have been ditched in the 90’s. His hair, while on trend, just seems adds to the clashing vibes we’re getting from this ensemble, harking back to MC Hammer with it’s height, and would have stood out as stylish with a more appropriate suit (like the one from his video, or choosing either stripes on top or bottom). We we’re looking forward to seeing Robin bring a cool air of sophistication to the VMA’s, but like Miley, felt it was too much ‘look me at me,’ and not enough ‘look at him’ from the crowds disapproval.

That could have been Miley twerking in nude, gold chains, and sneakers!

Dress Up Drake, You’re On Top!

If your outfit can’t get you into bars and restaurants, then it shouldn’t be worn on the red carpet; period. We felt the slogan really toned down what could have been an otherwise affable outfit for the night, and made this get-up look like something Drake wears on the weekend when playing ball with the neighborhood kids. A fitted jacket could have made a huge difference. When you know the cameras are on you, it’s time to step up your game and deliver. In this case, we feel Drake has extended his plea of no new friends to no new style or expectations. We would have added a military style jacket to compliment his boots, removed the slogan across his torso, and brought it all together with a luxe men’s fitted cap from L.A designers Melin to keep his hip hop influence and luxe status in check.

Do Follow Daft Punk and Personalize

While glittery shoes, visors, and gold metal gloves are not everyone’s cup of tea, we do commend Daft Punk for accenting their off-the-rack suits with what makes them great; in this case, their trendsetting masks as worn throughout the peak of their career in the 90’s. We’re not saying that you should reach for ridiculous when stepping out, but knowing what works for you, and makes you memorable and unique is a great way to add a new level to your red carpet debut. Also, a touch of humor can go a long way when filling those sociable hours, and will encourage people to approach you to ask what your accent piece means to you. In the real world, men’s accessories will help you accomplish this. Think customizing pocket napkins, or lacing your best shoes in a different manner; it’s all in the details.

Make a Solid First Impression, with Ciara

Ciara looked fantastic in her Givenchy Couture dress, but it was her main man Future that stole the show. Easily the best dressed man of the night, Future looks stylish, comfortable, and remarkably at ease with his beautiful woman on his arm. His suit is everything you would expect of the red carpet, and verges on daring, different but also somewhat traditional and in-keeping with the respectable history of the event. He uses different textures and fabrics to make his suit more interesting, without going overboard, and stops it from being over complicated by sticking to clean lines and shapes. We also love his fabric choice of color, navy blues and gray, which stand out in a different light from the sometimes overplayed black, without losing any of his formal appreciation. This is a power fashion couple waiting to explode!

Evolve Your Style Like Justin Timberlake & N*Sync

Thankful N*Sync left some things in the past!

While the N*Sync reunion was without question one of the biggest successes of the night, we commend the guys for leaving some things in the past. The suits and sneakers combo was fun, stylish, and everything you would expect from a modern boy band. Each of the guys added their own unique twist to differentiate, but looked fantastic on-stage together. This was a far cry from the fashion travesty known to frequent this group in the past. Furthermore, each are adhering to the golden rule of keeping some suit jacket buttons undone. Those dance moves call for some flexibility, but buttoning all your suit jackets daily can leave you looking pudgy and a little stern; unbutton one or two and bring an effortless style to your get-up.

Glitter, tie dye, corn rows? Only in the 90’s!

Leave a comment below and let us know how you would have dressed up for the VMA’s with your DIY red carpet secrets!