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Las Vegas Surprises Your Girlfriend Will Love

If your idea of a couple’s getaway involves Las Vegas, you’re in luck. Las Vegas is not only about drinking, gambling and entertainment – it’s also about luxury and romance. On your next trip to the entertainment capital of the world, give your girl the royal treatment she deserves. These ideas will surely impress her and make her love you even more.

Give Her Time at the Salon

Aside from chocolates and compliments, makeovers at the salon are something a woman can find hard to resist. Giving her time to get her nails and hair done not only wins big points for yourself, but also gives you a lot of time at the sports book. You’ll never get wrong splurging for her makeover in Kim Vo Salon at the Mirage, one of the top salons in America (dubbed by Salon City Magazine).

Mesmerize Her with a Show

No Vegas trip would ever be complete without watching at least one of their world-famous shows. Mesmerize your sweetheart with Cirque du Soleil’s Love at the Mirage, award-winning comedian Louie Anderson’s comedy show at the Plaza Hotel and Casino or Lance Burton or David Copperfield’s magic show. If you’re up for some burlesque action, the Peepshow at Planet Hollywood is a must-see.

Take Her Nature Tripping

Tired of the glitz and glamour of Vegas? Whisk your girl to jaw-dropping cliffs and beautiful terrain for some rest and relaxation amidst the backdrop of. Pink Jeep Tours, 6-seat and 10-seat SUVs, offer tours of everything, from Zion National Park or Red Rock Canyon. They are driven by friendly and knowledgeable guides that will entertain you along the way.

Watch the Fountains Dance with Her

Everyone feels a little more romantic when watching Bellagio’s dancing fountains. Imagine yourself listening to great music and hugging your girlfriend tightly while watching water shooting up and dancing in front of your eyes. Not only is it romantic – it’s also free of charge.

Relax with Her with Couple’s Spa

Your woman will love some luxurious pampering. One hit among couples is getting a couple’s massage. Some spas allow couples to spend quality time together in the hot tub or sauna. Meanwhile, if your girlfriend would want to go to the spa by herself, The Drift Spa at the Palms has relaxing pools and an array of treatments like facials, hot stones, and aromatherapy.

Eat a Romantic Meal

Home to some of the world’s greatest chefs, Las Vegas meals are superb and presented against the backdrop of awesome views. If you want a unique setting, and aren’t afraid of heights, then take a bite at the Top of the World Restaurant at the Stratosphere. The sunsets are so breathtaking that so many couples were engaged here!

Send Her Shopping

Yes, shopping! For the shopaholic girlfriend, Vegas is the best playground. Let your girl shop at the world’s top spots for premium shopping such as The Shoppes at Mandalay Place and Caesars. While you spend the day watching NASCAR races, she’s shedding her old wardrobe. It’s win-win, right?

Have you tried any of these options? Which one did your girlfriend like best? Let us know in the comments.

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