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Is She a Player?

Players aren’t just guys anymore, and they aren’t just hip-hop vixens shaking their booties at the club. From Indie Chick to Gangster Bitch, female players come in all shapes, sizes, and incarnations. Look for these signs before falling for a player and getting played harder than a Wii after Christmas.

She Talks to a lot of guys

Obvious? Maybe, but also something easily forgiven if she explains it away as “they’re just friends” or “I get along better with guys”(both of which may actually be true). But don’t turn your head completely just yet. Same as how a female wouldn’t whole-heartedly trust a male surrounded by friends of the feminine persuasion, you shouldn’t take her platonic word for it right off the bat. She could be telling them the same thing about you. Do some snooping, some investigative work before investing yourself to her. I don’t mean digging through her trash or tapping her phones, hang around her for a bit – just as friends, and see whether she really is “just one of the guys”… or busy picking her flavors of the week.

She’s Vague and Non-Committal

Wanna do something this weekend? Of course you do. But how come she never says what or when? Some weekends pass and plans never pan out. Some weekends she’s free but her phone’s always blowing up. Plus, she never stays long– just a few hours or maybe overnight. Then it’s back to trying to find her on your radar again. She says she digs you, but never with any meaning. She says she’ll call you, but sometimes never does. Is she a superhero? What’s with the vanishing act, both physically and emotionally? Unless you’re dating Wonder Woman, don’t invest more than she’s investing in you. At the very least, your investment to her should be 50:50.

She Feeds You Lines

Careful, lines uttered from a female player’s mouth aren’t like those of male players. They aren’t full of cool, smooth, playboy-type words designed to charm the boxers off you. They’re different; well-masked words and phrases designed to draw compliments or emotions from you, sort of verbal fishing lines. She might downplay her allure to get you to up your attraction. She may provide innocent conversation with not-so-innocent twinges of flirtation. No, you’re not imagining it, she’s dropping you ever-so-subtle hints, but hints that could easily be nothing but friendliness. At some point, if she’s not dropping you a clear sign, she’s playing verbal bob and weave, trying to get you to swing at a target that’s more than ready to duck… but let you connect only when she wants it.

She’s Young

Most, not all, female players stop the games in their upper-twenties. Late teens to early twenties is a ripe age for female-playerdom to flourish, mainly because guys in their late teens to early twenties are young, dumb, and full of motivation that doesn’t come from their brain. Hit any bar, any club and you’ll see– 21 year old chicks acting like seasoned vets when it comes to deflecting come-ons from those they don’t like, and accepting invitations from those they do. Girls in their prime know their options aren’t limited. The female players among them won’t limit their options.

Your Intuition Tells You

Yeah, even though you’re a guy, you’re not completely stupid. Guys have more instinct in them than women’s magazines would have you believe. Intuition will tell you this girl may not be being forthright with you. A little spidey-sense in the back of your head will tell you she’s not living up to the words that are coming from her mouth. And listen to the words coming from her mouth. Are they generically flirtatious? For example, could you be replaced with another male and the words she’s saying still be applicable? She’s being vague and non-committal. She’s 21 and she’s got a lot of guy friends. She’s feeding you lines. Or is she? Trust your gut. At best, invest in her what she’s investing in you. Listen to that tiny voice squeaking in your head; don’t let it get drowned out by the loud yelling coming from below.