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Introducing the New #EXCartridge For Sophisticated Gents

***Congratulations to Lyn, Bianca, and Chester on winning a start set – 7 more winners will be drawn before Friday 11!***

V2, America’s Number 1 online retailer of electronic cigarettes, recently debuted the powerful EX Cartridge. This new release marks the launch of their EX Series; an innovative product line featuring the industries most advanced electronic cigarette technology. The EX Series consists of three distinct e-cigarette products—the EX Cartridge, the EX Battery and the EX Blank—and follows a year of rigorous beta testing to ensure the best possible user experience. V2’s EX Series comes as a result of innovations in cartridge and battery technology that provide e-cigarette users with deeper flavor and a longer-lasting vaping experience. However, don’t just take our word for it, keep on reading and you could be taking home one of three awesome V2 Starter Kits for yourself! 

Introducing the EX Cartridge

As you may know, V2 were kind enough to send a Starter Kit to Male Standard to find out if their product testing was as good as they hoped. We’re happy to report that our reviewer loved their menthol V2, and found that the EX Cartridge was a vital component that separates the EX Series from other vaporizers on the market. One of the most prominent aspects fo the EX Series is that it features the new EX Cartridge, an innovative in cigarette technology that delivers on its promise of a longer-lasting and rich vapor experience, without draining the battery life; a common problem with other brand models. The EX Cartridge delivers the right amount of vapors each and every time to create a consistent and desirable experience. 

V2 #EXCartridge — The Industries Most Advanced Electronic Cigarette Technology

What We Liked:

  • The EX Cartridge is encased in a sleek, sophisticated case
  • The unique Clearomizer fits both V2 EX Series and V2 Vaporizers
  • Each EX Cartridges boasts more than 400 consistent, rich vapor puffs
  • There’s a great selection of flavors for men to sample and enjoy at his leisure

If you’re ready to move into the world of vaping, or hoping to grow your existing collection, then we highly recommend V2. The products we tested were high quality and well weighted making them comfortable and pleasant to use. Each of the vaporizer designs was masculine yet chic, making them the perfect summer accessories, and above all performed exceptionally well (our reviewer is still using his first battery charge to this published day).

Win A V2 EX Series Starter Set

Introducing the New #EXCartridge For Sophisticated Gents

To up the ante, Male Standard has three Starter Sets to giveaway; all you have to do is a Tweet us @MaleStandard using the #EXCartridge hashtag letting us know what flavor you want to try. Hint: You can find out more about the flavors on offer by visiting the V2 website. You’ll want to pick the right flavor for you, so head on over and send us a Tweet when you’re ready. This giveaway ends on Friday July 4, and each of the three winners will be notified by email. So please include that info when prompted. The winners will also be announced on social media on the same day and in this post, so be sure to check back then! For a bonus entry, you can also share this article on Twitter and Facebook, but only entries tagged #ExCartridge will be entered.

Thank you to V2 for sponsoring this giveaway. We received sample product and payment in honor of publishing our honest opinions, and continue to stand by the Male Standard commitment of giving truthful and useful reviews to our community. V2 is a global leader in electronic cigarettes with over one million customers worldwide – you can read our review here. Please note that you must be of legal age to purchase or use v2 Products. 

For more info or to order, please visit or follow @V2cigs.