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V2 #EXCartridge Review — The Industries Most Advanced Electronic Cigarette Technology

V2 Vaporizers, America’s Number 1 online retailer of electronic cigarettes, recently debuted the powerful EX Cartridge. This new release marks the launch of their EX Series; an innovative product line featuring the industries most advanced electronic cigarette technology. The EX Series consists of three distinct e-cigarette products—the EX Cartridge, the EX Battery and the EX Blank—and follows a year of beta testing to ensure the best possible user experience. V2’s EX Series comes as a result of innovations in cartridge and battery technology that provide e-cigarette users with deeper flavor and a longer-lasting vaping experience. To find out more, V2 sent Male Standard a starter kit featuring the EX Series, to discover firsthand where this labor of research is leading the vaping industry.

EX Series: Excellence through Innovation

First things first, the EX Series features the EX Cartridge, the EX Battery and the EX Blank, all vital and necessary components of a vaporizer, but what V2 has done with the new components is anything but ordinary. The EX Blanks has a ‘tank like’ experience that allows you to see the liquid inside the capsule. While neat in its own right, we found this to be a useful and often overlooked component when determining when to change cartridges. These innovative cartridges also feature a powerful clearomizer that helps deliver its product with notable precision and accuracy.

Combined with the EX Battery, we found that the EX Series delivers a reliable and harmonious inhale time and again, which happens to be complemented by the five new LED designs. These indicate how much charge is available on your V2 Vaporizer, with V2 stating that each cartridge can expect to gain 400 puffs of rich vapor; so no worrying or guessing when you’ll run out of juice.

The EX Battery itself is available in five colored sleeves, with the Carbon Filter and Brushed Steel being our design choices. You can accessorise in style with the Metallic Scarlett, Casino, and Bloom designs also, making these a great choice for the dapper gent. Male Standard went with the refreshing Menthol flavor, but you can pick up any number of traditional and non-traditional aromas on the V2 website, and all EX Series components are universal — meaning that you can juice up your existing V2 Vapes with one or all the new products fitting seamlessly.

Setting up your V2 is a cinch, with the EX Cartridge, EX Battery and EX Blank clicking into place in a matter of moments. The Menthol flavor is true to expectations, and boasted a fantastic depth of flavor. Having the options to choose your flavors and design, combined with the new and exceptional battery life makes this product perfect for beginners and experts alike, and we’re confident you’ll find your own vaping companion.

What We Liked:

  • The wide range of flavors makes this a great choice for occasional or daily use
  • The Menthol flavor was true to taste, and provided depth and aroma
  • Interchangle sleeves makes this a fab summer accessory for men
  • The weighted vaporizer is comfortable to use regularly
  • Exceptional battery life and consistent deliverables
  • The Starter Kits are perfect for beginners
  • The LED system is clear and attractive
  • Parts are universal to V2 products

The Male Standard Verdict

V2 offer a fantastic selection of vaporizers for those looking to start their own collection, or increase an existing collection. The products that we tested were high quality and well weighted making them comfortable and pleasant to use. Each of the vaporizer designs was masculine yet chic, making them the perfect summer accessories. By having multiple designs and flavors, you can tailor your e-expression to suit your mood or outfit. We found the battery life to be exceptional, a problem our reviewer has faced with many other brands, and lasted much longer than anticipated (at 5 days of consistent, to moderate use the V2 is still going strong). The anticipated use of one week per charge fits into our modern lives, and makes vaping an accessible and affordable option for the disconcerting gent. We highly recommend looking into the new V2  EX Series for your vaping needs when looking for a solid, sturdy construction with consistent deliverables from an industry leading vendor.

Thank you to V2 for sponsoring this post. We received sample product and payment in honor of publishing our review, but stand by our commitment of giving truthful and useful reviews to our Male Standard community. V2 is a global leader in electronic cigarettes with over one million customers worldwide. Please note that you must be of legal age to purchase or use v2 Products.