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Get the Lowdown On Using The New INK-EEZE Daily Vegan Moisturizer Cream For Tattoos

It doesn’t matter if you’re flicking through online images looking for new inspiration, or have spent a few hours in the chair, having a daily moisturizing cream specifically designed for tattoo aftercare is one of the smartest choices you can make, and is something every tattoo affectionado should have on hand before and after getting work done. Up until recently, most people relied on generic moisturizers to keep the skin hydrated during the healing period and then stopped aftercare from one to three weeks after the tattoo has been completed. You might be one of those people, I know a few people here at Male Standard confessed the same. What you might not realize is that Sean Hoy, Founder of Ink-eeze, solved this blatant problem of not using the correct moisturizer, and is sparking waves of interest in the tattooing community from both sides of the tattoo counter. Professionals now have access to a vegan approved, daily moisturizing cream they can provide to clients that is formulated with sensitive skin in mind, and we the people can go right to the source when looking for quality tattoo skin care products.


Unlike other non-tattoo specific moisturizers, which may work well on other areas of the body, the pro’s at Ink-eeze understands that having added fragrances and irritants that may otherwise seem OK, can actually cause exponential damage to your prized work, and alters the healing process. If you imagine the stress your skin goes under during the tattooing process, even at the consideration of a professional, it’s easy to see why we couldn’t believe no one has thought of creating a specific skin care formula for tattoos. Your skin is remarkable at healing, but without the correct conditions and added protection from the elements, it suffers under stress. When looking for a quality moisturizer for your tattoo, you need something which has no potential irritants, and maximum strength moisturizing properties to ensure the correct application. Too much moisturizer, or too frequent application can over-wet the skin and ink, while having too little can dry out and crack the tattoo causing bleeding. The trick is to use a daily moisturizer that is long-lasting to prevent frequent applications, and that has been tested for use on tattoos to offer the exact nutrients your skin needs to heal and stay fresh throughout the day.

Barbie Tests the Daily Vegan Moisturizer Cream for Tattoos

In order to find out if Ink-eeze is worth the hype, we put the daily moisturizing cream for tattoos into the hands of new tattoo owner Barbie, to see what she thinks of the process. As a new tattoo owner, skin aftercare is one of the concerns at the forefront of her mind, but few people have a concrete answer on what is best — including the pro’s. For as long as tattoos have been around, we have known that aftercare is critical, but have not created a moisturizer for this specific purpose — crazy, we know. Barbie thought the packaging and concept was neat, and was enthusiastic to try something specifically formulated for tattoo aftercare, as she knew the importance and wanted to keep her work looking fresh and at it’s best. She approved of the vegan formula, and even gave extra kudos to the fact the packaging is recyclable. You can tell immediately this is a product that has undergone a lengthy development stage, and no rock has been left unturned. Going in with an open mind, Barbie used the vegan moisturizing cream for tattoos for a few weeks after getting her tattoo before reporting back with feedback.

Check out the 20z here.

Barbies Feedback and Official Review Score

1. What was your first impression of the INK-EEZE’s Packaging?

I liked the packaging because it stood out. The label design is one that will easy catch someone’s attention (for example if it was on a shelf in a store among other products). Additionally, I liked that the packaging is recyclable.

2. What was your initial impression of the INK-EEZE Daily Moisturizer Cream after taking it out of the package?

That if anything, even if I didn’t like the product, the packaging at least looks cool.

3. What was your impression of the INK-EEZE Daily Moisturizer Cream after using it?

I love that this product is not greasy, but still does a great job of keeping the skin moisturized. Also, it seems to add a sheen/glow to the tattoo after application which is nice. The product lasts all day, so no need to reapply. I also liked that a little goes a long way, so a bottle will last a long time. I feel that the Daily Moisturizer met my expectations. The daily moisturizer was true to how it was advertised on the website as a fragrance free daily moisturizer.

4. Did you feel that the INK-EEZE Daily Moisturizer Cream improved:

I don’t think I’ve been using it long enough to provide an accurate response. But for the time I have been using it, I really do like it cause I feel that it does a great job keeping the tattoo moisturized all day.

5. What suggestions do you have for the folks at INK-EEZE?

I would suggest posting the ingredient listing on the website – it’s important to a lot of people to see what is in a product prior to purchasing it.

6. Would you recommend these products to a friend?

Yes – absolutely. I already have!

7. On a scale from (0.0 pts. – 5.0 pts.), where would you rate this product overall? 

4.5/5 — great job guys!

We appreciate you taking time to share your valued opinions with us! Thank You Ink-eeze for offering Barbie a new way to look after her tattoo!