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10 Unbelievably Easy Ways To Turn Her On

You don’t have to be in the bedroom to turn a woman on. Here are ten unbelievably simple ways to get her blood pumping that have nothing to do with being in between the sheets.

1. Fix Something

A lightbulb, the washing machine, it really doesn’t matter. A woman loves to see a man get his hands and knees dirty and go to town with that drill. It can be traced back to primal roots: it makes a woman feel taken care of…and that’s sexy.

2. Email Her From the Office

Preferably something a little naughty, but if your boss is going to be snooping, then a simple “Can’t wait to see you when I get home” will suffice. Letting her know you’re thinking about her throughout the day will have her thinking about just what she’s going to do with you when you get home.

3. Lend Her A Hand

Do the dishes, fold the laundry, whatever boring chore she doesn’t have time for that day… do her a favor and pick up the slack. She’ll feel relieved, and will appreciate that you helped out.

4. Talk Dirty

Not in the bedroom. Whisper something naughty in her ear on the subway. Take her hands gently into yours at dinner, lean in, and then lay it on her. She’ll blush, and will be caught off guard, but the element of surprise will leave her wanting more.

5. Be Assertive

Show your dominance. I’m not saying you should act like a jerk, I’m saying you should act like you deserve respect. Letting her walk all over you just to appease her doesn’t make you very appealing in her eyes.

6. Say Her Name

Women love the sound of their own name. Slip it in whenever you can, not just during sex. Say it throughout the day; to her, it’s a version of ‘I love you’.

7. Read a Book

Quit scrolling Facebook and whip out some Vonnegut. Intelligence is sexy. It’s attractive to see a man stimulating himself… intellectually. Obviously. What did you think I meant?

8. Give Her A Bite

It’s your turn to make her a sandwich. No, I’m kidding. But seriously, make her a nice dinner, ask her about her day, and when you’re done with the meal, I refer you to step three.

9. Stretch

Reach across her. When you’re sitting close next to her, slowly reach across the front of her chest for something. Don’t touch her, just get really close to her chest. You’ll probably hear her sharp inhale as her heart starts to pound.

10. Chase Your Dreams

A woman loves a man with drive and ambition. Give it your all in everything you do and she will respect that. She’s more likely to see you as well worth her time.

These aren’t difficult, they are simple things you can apply to daily life that can give her libido a little umph. Give these a shot and let us know what worked for you, and if you have any other tips for outside the bedroom to turn a lady on, let us know.

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